It’s time to highlight more moms in our community who are doing amazing things! Today we are excited to introduce you to Josie, who is the Assistant Program Director, Music Director and Midday DJ at one of our favorite local radio stations. We will also tell you about Lauren Falber, a local mom who is getting closer to having her own novel on the shelves in a bookstore near you. And we will highlight Helene, who started her own personalization business with her friend and is finally putting all her creativity toward something she loves!

We hope you enjoy reading about these women today.  As always, email if you would like to nominate a local mom to be our next Main Street Mom on the Move!

Josie Cothran

If you had asked 20 year old rising college senior, Josie Paza, what her favorite things were at the time, she would have told you college, partying, and her super cool new job on 1075 KZL’s morning show.

Ten years later, things have changed a bit, but Josie still loves her radio job at 1075 KZL,and was even promoted to her own show weekdays from 9am-3pm. She also had several job titles tacked on to her name, which changed to Josie Cothran after she married Matt in 2010. Now, Josie’s biggest challenge isn’t juggling college life and work, it’s juggling marriage, paying a mortgage, and raising her daughter, Mara, while working a full time job.

Working in radio has its benefits. Free concert tickets. Meeting stars like No Doubt, John Mayer, and most of the American Idols. Josie’s even had lunch with Jordin Sparks, Katy Perry, and Colbie Caillat when they came to the Triad. But apart from the glamorous side of radio, Josie works hard to use her “quasi-celebrity status” to bring good to the community. Through different non profits, she’s hosted community events, raised money for charities, and paired 1075KZL listeners and their businesses with local families in need to help provide food, clothing and Christmas presents for children. Some of those families that are helped stay in touch with Josie over the years. One family Josie helped even named their daughter after her. “That,” Josie says, “is when you know you’ve made an impact on someone’s life.”

First and foremost, Josie’s job is to entertain the Triad through their radios during the workday. But, she hopes to use her position to help others so that her daughter not only thinks she’s “cool” one day, but can also be proud of her.

Lauren Falber

Lauren recently graduated from East Carolina University where she majored in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Lauren’s story isn’t typical. In fact, she has beaten all of the odds and every statistic. Dropping out of college in 2006 she moved to Wyoming where she met her future husband. Settling for whatever life had to give her was fine at the time, but then Lauren became pregnant with her son Jaxsyn and decided that she wanted more from life.

When Jaxsyn was one she re-enrolled at East Carolina, where her GPA was a 1.77. She fought hard to get her hands on that degree. After realizing that she could handle school and work and family she started looking into graduate schools. Taking 18 hours of online classes, studying for the GRE, working third shift and being a mother to a two-year-old, she decided that she wanted to write her first novel. She only worked on “The ‘B’ Word” for a month and realized that she had quite the niche for writing. She decided to pitch her work to agencies and after only six responses she received a “We’re interested!”

So what’s next for Lauren Falber? She started grad school last week and is writing her sequel to “The ‘B’ Word”. “I can’t wait to see my name, my book, on a bookshelf one day,” Lauren says, “and I know it’s going to happen. I have too much faith in myself to settle.” Realizing that nothing is impossible anymore, Lauren continues to challenge herself. When her husband asked her if she would be ready for another baby while in school she replied, ‘I’m ready for anything and everything. Haven’t you figured that out yet?”

Check out Lauren’s website at or follow her on twitter @Lfalberauthor, or Facebook here. You may be seeing “The ‘B’ Word” on the bookshelves soon!

Helene Avraham-Katz

As a mother of three, Helene was born and raised in Port Elizabeth South Africa. Upon graduation she relocated to Israel, where she met her soon-to-be husband and began raising her family. After living in Israel for over decade, Helene returned to her roots and moved back to Port Elizabeth, where she lived with her family until 2001, when she moved to the city she now calls home, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Having always been incredibly creative, but consumed with being a full-time mother to her three daughters, Helene was never able to fully recognize her full potential. As her children have now gotten older, with the last of her children now a freshman in college, Helene was finally able to live her dream.

After the recession crisis in 2008 hit, Helene was unfortunately a victim of consequence and lost her job. However, always being one to see the positive in a situation, she took it as a sign to finally do what it was she not only loved, but was extremely good at. Along with a friend, she began We Create 4 U, a personalization company that prides itself on its superb customer service and ability to meet all their clients’ needs.

We Create 4 U has been able to separate itself from its competitors by the remarkable personal service it provides. No order is too large or too small, and whether you order one unique and personalized product or many, you will never be left unsatisfied. Contact Helene now to create customized and special products for you and your loved ones, and be sure to enjoy the service with a smile. You can contact Helene though the website here or at