We have had some amazing nominations for our Moms on the Move series lately! If you missed our previous blogs, you can always click on the “Just For Moms” category and then “Moms on the Move” to read them.

Today we are featuring three more fabulous mothers in our Triad area. Meet Tiffany who has started her own birthday party business and Christiane who has a witty and helpful blog for anyone who enjoys trying out new recipes.

Meet our latest Moms on the Move …

Tiffany Whitfield

Tiffany is a wife and a mother of four,  with one on the way!  She has been in the nursing field for 12 years, starting at the age of 17 and working her way from a certified nursing assistant, to medication aide, to treatment tech, then on to licensed practical nurse.  She is now a registered nurse with Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro.  In her current role, she holds a very solemn and modest position where she has a great impact on the lives of others as they learn to cope with life threatening illness on their journey through the death and dying process.

Tiffany loves her job and is proud of the work that she does but she decided after celebrating her daughter’s 4th birthday with a Princess Tea Party, that she would open her own dress up party planning service, and Girls Only-Themed Dress Up Parties was born!  Tiffany’s daughter and all her guests had such a great time at her party, it inspired Tiffany to want to share the same joy with other little girls for their birthday’s as well. With Tiffany’s creativity and her daughter’s love for dress up, Girls Only has grown a closet over run with all types of costumes and accessories for dress up.  From tutus and wings for Fairy Parties to boas, high heels, and gowns for Hollywood Diva Parties, there is sure to be a theme that will make every little girls’ birthday one to remember.  Tiffany also does Pirate Parties now for little boys too!  Be sure to check her out for you party needs!

Christiane Potts

Have you ever found a fantastic looking recipe in a magazine? You’re sitting in the doctor’s office paging through photos of dinners and desserts and the most amazing-looking double chocolate chip caramel cookies catch your eye. You ask the receptionist to copy the recipe for you and after your appointment you head home to make your family this delicious-looking treat you’ve found.

Two hours, a sink full of dirty dishes and rock hard disks that look nothing the ones in the photo later, you sit defeated and befuddled. You have no idea what you did wrong because you followed the recipe in the magazine to a T. Sound familiar?

If that’s ever happened to you, head over to Taking On Magazines One Recipe At A Time and meet Christiane Potts from Winston-Salem. For three years, Christiane, known as The Mom Chef on her blog, has been going through food magazines and making the recipes exactly as printed. Using a fair amount of humor and a whole lot of honesty, Christiane shares her experience with readers from the standpoint of a mom. A mom with a family, pets, and interruptions. A mom that doesn’t have a sous chef to do the chopping, dicing and prep for her or staff to clean up after her. Her reviews include the amount of time it takes to pull the dish together, accuracy of the ingredient list and directions, how much of a mess is left afterwards, whether the final result makes it worth while, and how it tastes. The whole family chimes in on taste, so readers also hear the opinions of children.

Christiane was named one of Babble.com’s Top 100 Mom Food Bloggers for 2012. She is a member of Cooking Light’s elite Bloggers’ Connection as well as having been featured in their print magazine, and she recently had one of her original recipes included in Fine Cooking Magazine.