By Kelly Melang

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Some of are not SuperMom, so we may need a little help making the day special for the family. Dear Hubby and I used to go out on this special day, but staying home with the family is a better choice for us – no crowded restaurant, lots of hugs and kisses, and quality time later. Date night is right around the corner giving us time alone. So if today will involve the entire family here are a few fun tips that can be thrown together last minute!

Valentines Day Bingo – any quick google search comes up with many different Valentine’s Day games – our favorite is Bingo. For some reason kids LOVE to play Bingo and it’s pretty much a given with Grandma. You can print out the sheets, cut out the bingo chips and play away. I’ll pick up a few small prizes for the winners, just to make the game interesting. Here’s a great website with the game available:

Valentine’s Pizza – did you know you can pick up pizza dough at your local grocery store? You can even call your favorite pizza place and they’ll sell you the dough? We have fun on Valentine’s night rolling out pizza dough and using heart shaped cookie cutters to make our pizzas. Kids love individual pizzas, and if your cookie cutter isn’t big enough, grab the kitchen scissors and make your own hearts. They roll out their pizza, pick out toppings and we make dinner together as a family. Not to mention red sauce on pizza looks dreamy.I Love You – I give coupon books to my kids for Valentine’s Day with coupons like, “One free chore day,” or “Pass on Emptying Dishwasher.” My Valentine coupons include fun treats like-”Lunch with Mommy,” or “Ice Cream with Daddy.” The later make even the most ardent middle to highschooler want to redeem. If you don’t have time to make one yourself, here’s one already done for you!

Movie Night
– Valentine’s for Mom is the free pass for a Romantic Comedy with the family. No one is allowed to complain during the movie!  Keep homemade popcorn and chocolate handy to keep everyone happy during movietime. How about a little, “Sleepless in Seattle,” or “SurlyMermaid,” or “Devil Wears Prada?” You can check out Rachel’s list of movie ideas for the family here.

– Surprise your kids or husband with a room full of balloons with a love note tied to them. Better yet, fill the car when you go to pick them up from school!! Nothing like embarrassing your child with love.

Whatever you choose to do, Valentine’s Day is about love – and love means attention, we all know attention from Mom and Dad is special to the little ones. Tie the two together with some great family time, making memories beyond the candies, chocolates and roses!