By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders


Summer is around the corner which means it’s a great time to get on the road, take a day trip, and explore other parts of NC. My family recently took a train ride to Raleigh as research for a travel by train article I’m working on and when I looked into things to do while we were there I found an amazing spot that was nearby, Marbles Kids Museum. 

I have two young daughters that are both under the age of two so I knew it might be a challenge to find something to entertain them while we were there. But, Marbles Kids Museum not only had exhibits to keep them happy but so much to do for all ages. 

We only got to stay an hour or two but it’s seriously a place you could spend an entire day with your family playing in all their exhibits. Below are some of our favorite things we saw while there. 

Freedom to Explore

If you have a child under two, let alone two of them, you likely know my pain on finding things to do, especially out of town, in that age bracket. They love pushing the boundaries on building their independence. However, safety seems to constantly be an issue in hindering that explorative nature.

I think that’s one of the things I loved best about Marbles Kids Museum, was they had dedicated areas for babies and toddlers to safely play and explore. 

Exhibits for Toddlers & Babies

Both our daughters (10-months-old and 22-months-old at the time of our visit) loved the Toddlers Hollow exhibit. First of all, it’s so cute and meant for ages 3 and under. There are so many great details captured of a magical woodland from logs to crawl through to mushroom tables to play with. It even has hooks near the entrance to hang diaper bags or purses. The swinging doors latch so wandering toddlers can’t easily walk out of the exhibit on their own. 

Another hit exhibit was the Around Town. This was such a cool space that our 22-month-old adored. It had a little bit of everything you might expect in a real town for kids to learn about. For instance, various transport vehicles were reconstructed there like a fire truck. There was a play kitchen, grocery store, weather broadcast station, and so much more. 

Inside the Around Town exhibit was an area called Peek-a-boo Bay. This space is dedicated to ages 18-months-old and under. Our 10-month-old had so much fun crawling around here. Visitors must take shoes off upon entering this space. It had soft surfaces and age-appropriate toys to play with. Plus, there were plenty of mirrors on the walls for little ones to have fun looking at themselves.

A final exhibit that was a hit with our girls was the Splash one. They had an impressive water play table and a sub and even a pirate ship to explore. They also had a sensory exploration exhibit, Under The Waves, that provides a quieter place to play.

Learning Disguised as Fun for All Ages

All three of these exhibits were ones on the first floor. There were several other cool exhibits but between not having enough time and our girls being younger didn’t get a chance to check out. The museum also has a second floor with some really neat exhibits but most of these did seem to cater more to older kids. 

One other cool aspect of this museum is they have an IMAX theater that appeared to show some really fun documentaries and some IMAX-filmed blockbuster hits. 

As a parent I think in addition to providing safe and fun spaces for all ages, I really loved that all the play was not only fun but allowed kids to learn while playing. 

Plan Your Trip


Next time you are looking for something to do for a day, I highly recommend you pack up the family and head to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh! A few things to know before you go:

  • Advanced tickets required to visit. Unfortunately, this isn’t a pop in place. So be sure you grab your tickets online here
  • You can find their hours, admission prices, directions, and parking info here. The museum is closed on Mondays.
  • They have a cafe on-site called Bean Sprouts that serves some basic foods like pizza, hot and cold sandwiches, and salads. Be sure to check the hours if you plan to eat there as it’s not open the entire time the museum is open each day.

Visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information, events, and to plan your visit.