The Dog Days of Summer are fading, vacations are ending, and the kids are heading back to school. But don’t let the “Back-to-School Blues” get you down. Let Keurig® make your mornings easier – and more enjoyable!Keurig® is giving away two Keurig® brewing systems to two lucky TMoM readers. Keep reading to find out how you can win one!

I don’t know about you, but I rely religiously on my Keurig® to kick-start my school mornings each day. I am a true morning coffee junkie, and I used to wake up and measure out my coffee and water before attempting the early morning routine. That time-intensive procedure made mornings in our house much more stressful for everyone, and it took longer for me to “wake up”! It’s so much easier to just pop in my favorite K-Cup® pack and have it ready within seconds. Since owning a Keurig®, getting the kids up and out the door for school has never been easier!

Triad Moms on Main has partnered with Keurig®, the leading single cup brewing system in North America, to show you just how much time the high-tech brewer can save you each morning.

– Go ahead, press snooze.
Gone are the days of waking up early to brew a pot of coffee. With Keurig®, it’s as fast as choosing your favorite K-Cup® pack, placing it inside the brewer and selecting your brew size. In less than a minute, you’ll have your beverage in hand and ready to enjoy. So go ahead, press the snooze button again. You’ve got the time.

– De-stress with less mess.
Breakfast dishes, scattered toys and unmade beds. You already have too much to clean up this morning. Why add coffee filters, beans and leftover brew to the mix? Keep your kitchen clean and organized with a Keurig® brewer.

– Brew the best.
Why settle for an average cup of coffee, or waste time standing in line at a coffee shop, when you can make a great-tasting beverage in your own kitchen? Keurig® K-Cup® packs are designed to lock in freshness, so your coffee has the same rich aroma and flavor as freshly ground brew – just without the extra work.

– Silence is golden.
The alarm clock is blaring, the kids are screaming and the phone is ringing – time to quiet your morning with Keurig®. All the way down to a whisper. You’ll barely hear the Keurig® Quiet Brew technology, and you’ll have time to focus on the important things – peace and coffee.

– Pick your pack.
De-caffeinated hazelnut coffee for your spouse? Hot cocoa for the kids? Keurig® can do it all. With more than 250 varieties of gourmet K-Cup® packs to choose from, you’ll always please the whole family, no matter the season. As for you? Well, you finally have permission to be picky.

Keurig® has a long-standing reputation for making mornings easier. But once you’ve got your brewer and K-Cup® packs, how else can you cut down time in the morning?

Check out these additional tips:

– Check the weather forecast at the beginning of each week to plan ahead. Need an umbrella and goulashes one day and a sundress the next? Now you can prepare accordingly. Bonus tip: hang a separate clothing rack outside of the bedroom closest to organize the week’s outfits – shoes included!

– Save yourself the hassle of forgetting important items by putting them in your car the night before. You can even place your keys on top of anything you don’t want to forget.

– Cook breakfast for the whole family the night before in a slow cooker. Browse Pinterest for some mouth-watering recipes like cinnamon apple oatmeal or French toast.

– Sit down with your kids to create personalized lists of morning to-do’s. After a week or so, the tasks on the lists will become routine.

– Pack lunches, book bags and briefcases the night before to save tens of minutes of morning madness.

– Love smoothies? Combine your ingredients in the mixer the night before and place in the fridge overnight. When the morning rolls around, simply remove and blend!

– Eliminate distractions. Don’t worry about checking social media and email until all of your other morning to-do’s have been completed.

– Let your Keurig® brewer do the work with your morning oatmeal! Simply place your bowl of dried oatmeal under the spout and let the brewer do the rest.

And don’t forget your Keurig® to-go cup when you run out the door!

Want to experience firsthand how Keurig® can make your life easier? Attend one of the sampling or brewer exchange events from August 22 – September 27 here in the Triad!

– “Trade Up to a Keurig Brewer” events:
Experience the convenience of Keurig® by dropping off your old drip coffee machine and exchanging it for a brand new, free Keurig® single cup brewer. Events are open to participants 18 years of age or older with proof of North Carolina residence. Only non-Keurig, used, electric brewers are eligible for trade-in while supplies last.

– Sampling events: Test out the Keurig® brewing system firsthand with a free sample of your favorite beverage. Mobile and stationary sampling events are open to the public, and Keurig® pledges to give away nearly 75,000 free cups of premium beverages to event participants over the course of a month.

For more information about event dates and locations, visit

So go ahead, make your mornings easier! Leave a comment below telling us your favorite tip for a smooth running morning. It can be a tip listed in this post, or one of your own. Be sure to enter your email address so we will have a way to contact you if you are the winner. We’ll pick two random winners on Friday!

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