Where do you sleep? At night, I mean. Do you sleep in your own bed? On the couch? In the guest room? In the kids’ room? Maybe this is a “parents of younger kids” topic, but I have spoken to a surprising number of moms who say that if they are sleeping in their own bed, it’s not with their husband.

Pardon my french, but wth?

When we were growing up, the black and white TV shows (with the 2 twin beds in the master bedroom) still lingered, Ozzy and Harriet style. I Love Lucy is the one that comes to mind…Imagine the shock when Mike and Carol Brady showed up in bed together on prime time TV! There are 2 directions I could go here – first, sleeping in a bed with someone else is not necessarily the best sleep in the world (aka “twin beds rule”) and second, are more spouses sleeping separately than we were aware of?

Let’s go with tack #2. Take, for example, my house: we have a 4 year old and a nearly-6 month old. I am up at least once a night if not more, mainly because my side of the bed is closer to the door, so I hear the kids first. I have a husband with a septum that is so deviated, one of his nostrils is almost closed (don’t ask how I know this), and therefore he is quite the snorer. (Apparently I am too…I started snoring during my pregnancy and it seems to have stuck around. Oh well.) We’d been starting off in bed together, but inevitably, hubs would either not sleep well and get annoyed and leave, or I’d wake him up snoring and he’d get annoyed and leave. During the week, rather than get annoyed and leave, he now just goes ahead to bed in the guest room at bedtime. We’re at the point that on the weekends, I actually feel like the master – “my” – bedroom is being invaded when he shows back up. (NOT NICE, ME.) But really – I have to re-learn to share our bedroom every 5th day. Weird, no?

Then I have quite a few girlfriends with children under 5 who sleep alone 5 nights out of 7, for similar reasons to mine, or because a child ends up in bed with her most nights. Maybe it’s time to call a sleep counselor – I do know at least one, if you want her number.

Seriously…I’d heard about separate master bathrooms in the she-she upper class homes, but now I’m told that separate master suites are becoming the norm. I am not sure how I feel about this, even though I am living proof that it’s not a bad idea. I do hope that we end up sharing a room again, eventually…maybe. What do you think?