By Jennifer Aceves, Assistant Head of Lower Division/Directory of Communications at Noble Academy

What characteristics come to mind when you think of a Noble Knight? Someone who is determined, confident, extraordinary, willing to take risks, praiseworthy, brave, admirable, impressive, successful…these are some of the many words that describe Noble Academy students. Students come to Noble Academy from all over the Triad area and beyond, looking for an educational environment where they can be successful. Living with a learning difference or attention disorder can have its challenges; our students come to us to learn strategies to help overcome some of these obstacles.

Noble Academy is a school for grades K-12 where students with learning differences and attention disorders can learn in a safe environment that is suited to their academic and social needs. Small class sizes (an average of 8 students) ensure that our highly-trained teachers can learn the unique needs of each of their students and individualize instruction appropriately. Students develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, and begin to feel comfortable taking risks in an academic environment where it is safe to make mistakes and where everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

We also believe in nurturing the whole student by embracing and exploring their strengths. Students take advantage of our art and drama departments as well as our athletic teams, which accommodate athletes of all experience levels. Seeing a student who has many struggles in the academic setting shine on stage, having memorized 13 pages of lines, or produce a beautiful piece of artwork, or be encouraged and boosted up by their teammates on the athletic field, these are some of the experiences that quantify success at Noble Academy.

One of the things we hear often is “thank you for giving me my child back.” We hear about the frustrations students face in other educational settings where they are not being taught the way that they learn, and where teachers and fellow students don’t appreciate their unique differences. We hear about tears in the car on the way to or from school and tears over homework. Shortly after students begin attending Noble Academy, the stories start to change.

“Noble Academy has been a life saving experience for us. The school appeared on our horizon just as we were feeling the most desperate about the challenges that faced us in educating our inquisitive bright boy who was going to school to face failure every single day. Our child was depressed and we were frantic to find the right environment and teachers who would understand his severe dyslexia. We will be forever grateful to Noble Academy in providing a quality education for Will and a learning community that always sets the bar high.”

“I am committed to the idea that Noble Academy is the best place for Evan because of the caring and understanding teachers who specialize in the specific needs of students who have learning differences. Evan was struggling to survive in public school, academically and socially. After only 6 weeks at Noble Academy, we felt like we had our happy, self-confident son back.”

“By the time she entered second grade, Emma’s anxiety was at an all-time high, and her self-confidence at an all-time low. When public schools came woefully short of addressing her needs, we looked elsewhere. Noble Academy has been the biggest blessing, and not only for Emma, but for our family. We have our daughter back. We are truly grateful.”

“It is nice to see teachers take a genuine interest in our child and recognize positive things about his personality and academic abilities. We are very excited that Grant has found a place where he feels comfortable and happy being himself and where he can receive a great education that is tailored to best meet his specific needs.  Praising a child’s individuality and using their strengths while helping them with their weaknesses is something you have done, and that is key to Grant’s success.”

Noble Academy (formerly Guilford Day School) has been making a difference in the lives of students for over 25 years. The demand for what we offer the students and families in our community has grown, and we are expanding! We are about to open a brand new building that will contain a large auditorium, fully stocked science labs, a new art studio, and classrooms for our upper division (grades 7-12). We would love the opportunity to show you who we are at our upcoming Open House, from 9:00 – 11:00 am on Thursday, November 10.

We are located on Horse Pen Creek Road in northwest Greensboro. Students come to us from over eight counties, including the state of Virginia. We would love to see you on November 10, or please contact Tim Montgomery, Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions, for a tour at another time.

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