By Guest Blogger Thea DeLoreto

Ah, summer vacation. I see you are back, you Minx. I know you are all popular and everyone loves you. I get it. You are all hot and steamy and fun with your sunshine and your maxi dresses. But like every great super star…you have your faults. Like no school. And lots of sweating. And lots of hours of to fill with entertaining a two year old. You roll in and get everyone worked up into a lather and we are all excited for pool time and beach trips and tans. But then you stick around. And a few weeks in, we are all just sitting around, staring at our kids, remembering why we heart Winter so much.

It is not that I don’t love my child. But when you come around, its all Honey Badger and Mommy, all the time. There is no two- mornings-a-week break. There is no time to enjoy a trip to the Teeter alone. There is no time to sit and sip a cup of coffee with a little Facebook and Today Show. There is no using the bathroom alone. Seriously, bathroom time, originally designed to be a solo process, becomes a round table discussion when there is a two year old involved. And I don’t love that. That doesn’t make me a bad person.

Summer, you have officially arrived, and I am not entirely pleased to see your sunny disposition and glowing face. Yes, there will be family time and lots of fun. Yes, I will have a great time on vacation and playing outside. But there will also be lots of long days. Filled with a hot sticky two year old who is constantly jonesing for popsicles and to be carried. Worst combination ever. There is potty training to start and a big girl bed to transition to. There are changes afoot and they will be emotionally trying and I am certain will involve a fair amount of poo on my couch. When I see the back of you, heading out to be replaced by Fall, I will have a little girl on my hands, not a toddler. And I can’t say I totally love that either.

I can’t stop you, I can only brace for what you bring. Which I hope will be lots mornings at the pool and lots of long naps in the afternoon. I will try to look past the 100% humidity, public venue timeouts, and the peeing on the floor that you will inevitably bring. Happy thoughts of Fall, that cool lady, will keep me going.

Can you relate?