By TMoM Team Member Sandy Harper

When you hear the word “chiropractic”, what comes to mind? For many the definition is simple, a place where an adult would go for treatment of their back or neck pain. While that is true, it’s too small a definition for the team at Twin City Health.

They offer pediatric, prenatal and family focused care for all ages, from their youngest patient, only a few hours old, to their oldest patient of 89! Twin City Health believes in coming alongside their patients for a naturally focused health care as they experience hope, health and wholeness!

What Does Pediatric Chiropractic Care Look Like?

Families have their own space at the office, where kids and caregivers adjustments happen together. This area, the Lion’s Den, helps families feel more secure as their little ones have a safe place to roam and play while waiting for their adjustments. The Lion’s Den is bright and welcoming with natural light streaming through the large windows. Kids have their own sized adjustment table and plenty of toys and books to enjoy. It’s the wish at Twin City Health, that the Lion’s Den will empower kids to be strong, brave, and courageous like lions!

Pediatric adjustments are gentle, noninvasive and effective! The doctors are trained for pediatric care and their hands provide gentle and specific adjustments to each child (and adult) alike. The doctors are informative, kind and incredibly capable as they answer parent’s questions thoroughly and provide holistic care for an assortment of concerns.

What Does Pediatric Chiropractic Care Help?

Proper body alignment leads to optimal body function. Adjusting babies from birth provides support to any misalignments that took place during childbirth. Mothers and babies alike, need bodily support for the best function after birth, chiropractic can help!

Chiropractic care does not stop at back pain. Twin City Health can help support many common childhood concerns like:

  • Ear infections
  • Digestive problems
  • Acid Reflux
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Headaches

How Else Does Twin City Health Help?

Twin City Health carries high quality, natural supplements in the office. Supplements are suggested case by case to provide what a child may be missing from their diet or where they need help environmentally. They carry supplements to help those struggling with constipation, poor immune system, bronchial issues and even gentle detoxes. Twin City Health loves to resource families with naturally focused information and support. Functional Medicine Coaching is also available for chiropractic patients needing a deeper dive into their gut or hormonal systems.

What About Before Kids?

Starting prenatal chiropractic care while pregnant offers a multitude of benefits! Most of the doctors are Webster Certified by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). What does that mean? ‘Webster’ is a specific chiropractic technique designed for pregnancy, which releases tension to the ligaments and uterus, allowing the baby to move more freely and be in the best possible position for birth.

Other benefits of prenatal care include:

  • Heightened immune system for mom and baby
  • Ease of pregnancy symptoms
  • Shorter delivery, optimal positioning
  • Postpartum support and healing

If you are looking for a safe and helpful solution for your little one’s health needs, make a consultation today! Twin City Health loves seeing families get adjusted together and thrive in their health!

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