By Guest Blogger Stephanie Keefer of PlatinumSitters

The past few years have changed the parenting landscape. We are more aware than ever of our need to socialize with other adults, whether that is a spouse, a friend, or a solo adventure to do what fills our cup. But, alongside that realization has come unique challenges for hiring. The traditional ways of finding a sitter are no longer reliable. The job market is precarious and safety is at the forefront of our minds.

Between other sitter sites, social media, and word of mouth, it used to be fairly easy to find someone to step in for a date night or midday self-care. Unfortunately, things have become harder than ever. If you have ever found your favorite coffee shop closed early or waited an extra long time for a table, you know the service industry has been hit especially hard by the pandemic. There has been an overall drought in the employment pool. Add in the need to find someone who cares about kids and has a good reputation? It makes finding a sitter especially difficult.

At PlatinumSitters, we totally get it. After all, we are a company created by moms and we are uniquely in tune with what moms need. We put a lot of effort into recruitment. By visiting local colleges and job fairs, we recruit from the education sector. We want to make sure our PlatinumSitters are top notch! There is nothing worse than finally letting loose–only to come home to kids who are wired, dishes undone, or every screen in the house on. Not to mention the awkward, “What do we owe you?” talk. That is why we think it is so important to set expectations on both sides!

Our sitters love working for us because we make sure to communicate the hourly rate, family expectations, and booking details up front. That means no money exchanges hands. They’re aware of your family’s unique needs–like allergies or pets in the home. They also know they will get consistent work based on a schedule that works for them.

As for mom and dad? They get to enter in tons of information about their family, like screen time rules and dietary preferences. Booking is fast and easy through the app. Payment is stored, making it a seamless process. But what is absolutely irreplaceable is that PlatinumSitters goes above and beyond to recruit amazing sitters. These are caregivers who love kids, are engaging and have experience. Beyond just interviewing them, we do a background check. We reference checks before ever listing them as a sitter. That way, you know whoever you choose is going to be a safe and fun fit for your kids.

Whether you need someone for an occasional night out, after school or a long-term arrangement, we would love to ease the childcare burden by helping you hire someone who you can trust and depend on. Download our App today:

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