By Guest Blogger Margaret White of Polliwogs Children’s Boutique

I am thrilled to announce that we have recently purchased Posh Pickle Clothing Company!  Posh Pickle began 10 years ago when Greensboro resident, Holly McMasters, was looking for cute clothes for her daughter.  Originally just girl playwear and smocking, Holly has grown the business to include boy attire, Heirloom dresses, shoes, swim, and pajamas for the entire family (including dogs).  She recently decided to pursue other projects and immediately thought of Polliwogs Children’s Boutique.  Holly felt that this would be a perfect fit, especially to keep the company local to Greensboro.  I couldn’t agree more!

At Polliwogs, our store manager, Toni Picarelli, and I are constantly talking about “holes” in the market; certain items we wish we could have someone make, but no one does! We have dreamed about starting a small company to create these unique items, but the task appeared very daunting while trying to run the boutique successfully.

Amy Phillips, Posh Pickle Designer, “As a stay at home mom with an art degree, my creative outlet was designing and sewing for my daughters.  Posh Pickle has allowed me to turn a favorite hobby into a career.”

Meanwhile at Polliwogs, our in-house graphic designer and monogrammer, Amy Phillips, would easily hand sketch the items we would talk about.  Additionally, Kerstin Jenkins joined our team 18 months ago while attending UNCG. She graduated this May with a Bachelor of Science in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies with a concentration in Retail and Consumer Studies and a minor in Business Administration. We were so sad at the thought of Kerstin leaving us for her “big girl job” but couldn’t figure out a way to keep her fully on board. And then came Holly with the news!  It was a match made in Heaven!

Kerstin Jenkins, Posh Pickle Manager and Designer, “After working retail for six years, I decided to pursue a degree in it. Designing for and managing the Posh Pickle brand means I now get to use my creativity to create adorable pieces for your little ones!”

Kerstin will be managing the company by doing the following: working to provide excellent customer relations, shipping orders, managing the inventory, website and social media accounts, as well as designing with Amy (who will continue to use her creativity in monogramming as well!).

Toni and I do not plan to change much with our roles as we love what we do at Polliwogs and interactions with our amazing customers. (Although we may continue to drop hints when we discover a “hole” in the market, as well as a few local ideas!)

Holly has been helping Kerstin with the transfer of her Christmas designs which are currently available at It has been a lot of fun to see the many loyal customers of Posh Pickle get excited for these offerings! In the meantime, Kerstin and Amy, have been working hard to design Valentines, spring and Easter.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram @poshpickle so you can catch all the pre-sale dates. If you are a fan of Posh Pickle, you know popular items can sell out quick!

I am thrilled for this new adventure and it has been an honor to work with these ladies and watch them enthusiastically design this Spring line.  I can’t wait for you to see what they have in store!  Enjoy! And in the meantime, come visit us at Polliwogs, we love seeing you!


*Sponsored by Polliwogs Children’s Boutique