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You ever feel like you’re just wingin’ it with this whole parenting toddlers thing? Same.

So, what do you do when those sweet, chubby, cuddly babies turn into sticky, raging, megaphones of drama and emotion? You cry. Totally kidding, maybe. But really, you just survive.

My mama said through my whole pregnancy that she hoped my kids would be payback for all the sass that she and my dad dealt with raising me. You got your wish, Mama! They’re definitely just like me and their dad. What an active combination!

People always compare which is harder, raising a boy or a girl. Well I’m here to tell you, they’re both equally hard.

I have 19 month old boy/girl twins, so I get to see daily just how different boys and girls can be. My kids are “all boy” and “all girl,” and total opposites.

My little boy is determined, rambunctious, active, laid back, but can show his temper. He is a little man of few words. He embodies “speak softly and carry a big stick.”  Mr. G can climb whatever he wants in the blink of an eye and has a love of using his hands. He also runs, never walks.

My little lady is so different. Her drama knows no bounds. She’s vocal and will follow you around telling you off in a flurry of sounds that are a mix of real words and gibberish that she really means. She’s loud, she’s in your face, she’s bold, she’s the center of attention, and she could win Oscar awards for her dramatic performances when she doesn’t get her way.

Together, they form a category four hurricane that is completely unstoppable. It’s amazing really. Two total opposites that complement each other so well.


But, I struggle daily with their strong personalities. How do you raise kids up to be well adjusted and polite without dimming the fire within them? That’s a fine line to walk.

Sometimes, I think we forget that kids have emotions just like we do, and they are relaying their feelings the best way they know how.  We have to put ourselves in their shoes. Everyone has bad moments and days where they can’t control their negative emotions. This includes children.

Have you ever been really mad about something and someone tells you to “calm down?” How did that turn out? Not well, right? Imagine being a toddler and you can’t voice your frustrations because no one understands you. It’s even more frustrating! So, we have to remember to be patient, they’re learning, just like we are. We were their age once, throwing the same tantrums in public.

Raising toddlers ain’t for the faint of heart. Now we know how our parents felt raising us. But, with patience and understanding, you will make it through this stage, and your kids will turn out just fine.

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Photo credit: Jessi McGee