By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

There is still two months left of winter and that means there will likely be more indoor time for your family. One way to beat cabin fever is by enjoying family game time. But, is your family bored of the normal games or played them one too many times over the years? Then try giving them a little tweak or adding something new to them to make them more fun and ‘new again’ for the entire family.


Back when I was younger our mom used to turn our regular Candy Land game into a delectable experience by adding real candy to the game at the various characters or locations. For example, if someone landed in the ‘Peppermint Forest’ they would get peppermint candies. Additionally, if someone landed on Grandma Nutt’s house they would get peanut brittle. The possibilities are as endless as the candy options available. Plus, for those with food allergies or restrictions there are substitution options if you get creative. My oldest daughter has nut allergies so instead of peanut brittle I used butterscotch chips since they resembled the color of nuts. Adding candy will not only delight the kids but give the family something different to look forward to when playing it.

For those games with characters or movies, turn the enjoyment into live action by actually dressing up like those characters or movie actors, like for Princess or Star Wars themed games. The simple act of dressing up as a favorite character is a great way to enhance the fun.


Turn a classic, ‘regular’ game into something new and exciting. There’s an abundance of ideas and information on the internet, including ideas on variations of games. For instance here is a link to many variations and ways to play the original and sometimes boring War card game. There are many similar basic card games with tons of new and unique playing methods.


Up the stakes and fun in any game by offering small rewards for winning games or rounds in a game. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but can be anything from candy to bonus TV or electronics time. Parents deserve rewards too, like the winner gets the night off from making dinner or doing dishes.


This is not so much a twist as it is new, but if your family has had enough with the games you have and even after trying variations, add-ons and rewards, then make up a new game! Again, the internet provides an abundance of ideas for creating your own game. Be sure to search and check out some of those ideas on Pinterest! For instance, by simply searching game ideas in Pinterest I got a ton of fun ideas.


Last but not least, family game night is sure to turn into some great memories so be sure to capture pictures of all the fun had. That can also make the family fun last even longer by creating online photo albums or funny scrapbook pages of the family game night antics.

What are other ways your family reinvents family game nights? Share your ideas below!

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