Roar into Summer with Dino Discovery at Kaleideum
Open Now through December 2023
Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm; Sunday 1 – 5pm
400 W. Hanes Mill Road, Winston-Salem

Embark on an exhilarating journey through time as you prepare to encounter the awe-inspiring wonders of the prehistoric world at Dino Discovery! Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure as you come face to face with mesmerizing animatronic dinosaur models that will transport you back to the age of giants. Behold the mighty Stegosaurus, the majestic Triceratops, and the fearsome Albertosaurus, each brought to life in stunning detail. Dress up in a dinosaur costume and take a seat upon the Parasaurolophus for an exciting photo op. And don’t forget to delve into the world of paleontology as you explore a captivating collection of real and replica fossils and take part in a digital fossil dig.

Dino Discovery is open at Kaleideum through December 2023! Located at 400 W Hanes Mill Road, Kaleideum is open this summer Monday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm, and Sunday 1-5 pm. Visit to buy tickets!

Dino Discovery