By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

Spring is all about renewal and cleansing. I mean there is a reason for “spring cleaning”. That means it is also the perfect time to declutter your house, car, and mind. While decluttering seems like an easy concept it doesn’t always feel that way so I’m sharing seven of my favorite easy ways to declutter.

1. Start Small

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you decide to embark on this task; therefore, I recommend starting small. If you have a junk drawer that’s a great place to clean out. Another good starting point is a smaller closet. You can even start with your purse! Once you’ve accomplished one area, you’ll feel more energized to tackle another one.

2. Make a declutter list

Lists are a great way to stay on task and not forget anything. Make a list of everything you want to clear out. You can make it a digital list on your phone or go old school with a pen and paper one. It feels great when you finish an item on the list and cross it off!

3. Set goals

Keep focused and moving forward with your decluttering efforts by setting realistic goals. Notice the emphasis on the word realistic! Too often people lose steam on decluttering because they set unobtainable goals. For example, finishing the whole house in a week. Nope, that’s unlikely. But, finishing one room in a week is totally doable.

4. Get organized

Take the cleaning out one step further and get organized while you do it. If you’ve been wanting to reorganize your pantry, then consider doing that while you declutter. The two tasks go together really well!

5. Give Back

Oftentimes having a purpose for decluttering drives us to really focus on it. So, use these efforts to help others. Once you go through all the baby or kid’s clothes or toys no one can fit or use, consider donating them to an organization that gives to those in need. The Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem always needs clothes, toys, diapers and more for children as well as items for adults. Check out their House Wishlist here. Be sure to head over to our Volunteering & Giving directory for more ideas on places to donate items too.

6. Don’t forget the vehicles

It’s easy to focus on the whole house when you start this endeavor, but don’t forget about your vehicles too. They need to be cleaned out every so often as well. As busy moms we always end up piling way too much into them and not necessarily taking all that out! Double up on spring cleaning by combining the decluttering with cleaning the vehicle too.

7. Focus on self-care

One of the best ways to declutter your mind is to relax and ensure you practice self-care daily. Yes, daily. Self-care doesn’t have to mean an expensive spa day either. It is anything that makes you feel relaxed and helps you to re-energize. It can be anything as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea during the kids nap time or taking a bath after everyone is in bed. We moms often use those times when our kids sleep to get work done or clean the house, but it’s important to at least sometimes utilize that for self-care too!

What are your favorite decluttering tips? Let us know in the comments below.