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Are you considering an alternative option to brick and mortar schooling for your child? Is your child facing barriers with traditional schooling? You may want to explore virtual learning solutions, with Coast to Mountains Preparatory Academy (CM Prep), where your student can thrive in an environment tailored to their individual interests and needs.

Meet Phoenix H., a CM Prep student. Phoenix faced difficulties with bullying while attending a traditional school, which led his family to explore other options and ultimately discover virtual learning. We had the opportunity to speak with his mom, Jennifer, to ask her more about Phoenix’s experience.

Online School

What made you want to transition Phoenix from public school to online schooling?

At his previous school, Phoenix was dealing with bullying – we tried to work with the school, but it kept getting worse. His grades kept dropping and it became clear to me that he was not thriving in that environment.

When did he make the transition to CM Prep?

Phoenix moved to CM Prep during his 5th grade year. The transition was a breath of fresh air – because he was able to work at his own pace. Phoenix had flexibility to get through assignments in a way that made sense to him.

In subjects where he felt strong, Phoenix could work through assignments quickly, and easily catch up on work in areas where he needed more support. He finished the year with all A’s.

How has attending CM Prep benefited his learning?

Phoenix has been able to focus on what he enjoys about learning, versus the stressors that come with traditional schooling environments, taking him off track.

For example, he’s been able to dive into his passion for science experiments – his classes and assignments at CM Prep emphasize that science can be fun! They provide him with the materials so that learning is hands-on, while still allowing Phoenix to conduct the experiments at home.

Online School

How has Phoenix’s experience been with his teachers at CM Prep?

At his previous school, it was difficult for me to connect with Phoenix’s teachers directly – whether it was email communication, a classroom meeting or just a phone call.

At CM Prep, it has been a total 180. Phoenix’s teachers have been communicative and supportive. Whether it’s a simple message or a check in if she noticed that Phoenix was not logged on that day. It’s been wonderful to have her keep up with us and answer any questions we have.

From a parent’s perspective, is there any advice that you’d offer parents who are looking into online learning as an alternative to brick and mortar schooling?

I have enjoyed the open line of communication that CM Prep extended to me as we navigate this new journey. While there have been some learning curves along the way, their counselors and advocates have always been available to me, which I’ve so appreciated.

Because CM Prep allows flexibility for Phoenix to learn at his own pace, it has also been an incredibly valuable experience for him to learn to manage his time. It has been so fun to watch him grow and excel in that way.

What’s next for Phoenix?

Phoenix is so excited to continue his learning journey at CM Prep for 6th grade. We were approved for the Opportunity Scholarship, which will allow us to continue providing this environment for him at no cost to our family.

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Online School

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