By Nicole Witten, Development Events Coordinator for Brenner Children’s Hospital

We know you’ve seen North Carolina license plates displaying the Blue Ridge Parkway, state universities, military organizations, etc.

Now, Its Brenner Children’s Hospital’s time to shine, and your help is needed to make this happen! We are collecting applications for the Brenner license plate and need 300 applications by April 1, 2013, before the NC DMV will begin issuing our specialty license plate. We have received 70 applications as of January 2013 and only with your help can we achieve this goal!

This project started as a dream of one of our former patients, Emily Field, and she wanted to see this project through. Unfortunately, Emily passed away before we could reach our goal, but her family is motivated by her determination to complete this project. Your support can help the Field family in honoring their daughter and the legacy she left behind.

The plate fee will be an additional $30 to the regular license fee you pay every year. And $20 of that will benefit Brenner programs. Sales will support the Family Centered Care fund as well as the Children’s Cancer Patient Support fund. These funds cover meal and prescription costs to families in need among other things.

Upon reaching our goal, plates will be sent to you directly and will include a new sticker and registration card. Your registration due date will remain the same.

Signing up is easy! Visit to download the application. You can fill it out and send it in to the address on the bottom with your payment information. You will need information such as your vehicle identification number and license plate number (your insurance card will have most of the needed information). Or you can call the Office of Development for Brenner Children’s Hospital at 336-716-7985 for more information.

Encourage your friends and fellow supporters of Brenner Children’s Hospital to also purchase a new plate and continue supporting Brenner in a unique way. Help us to reach our goal of 300 applications by April 1, 2013! This is our last chance!

Sponsored by Brenner Children’s Hospital