By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

Do you have a baby at home and are trying to figure out how to keep them entertained to have a moment’s break? You aren’t alone! I have a 4-month-old and 15-month-old at home so as you can imagine it is never dull. There’s a constant need to entertain both babies. So, I wanted to share some ideas of ways I found to keep babies entertained at both ages!

Younger Babies

One great thing about having both girls near each other is we can utilize everything from the older one for the younger one! So, all these tips worked for keeping both babies entertained at a young age. I also notated ones that are great for even when they get older.

Simple Games

Playing peek-a-boo or ‘This little piggy’ goes a long way with a baby! It’s easy and even if you play it a dozen times in a row it never gets old! This is also one that even the 15-month-still loves!

Chairs & Swings

A bouncy chair that has items hanging down and even vibrates/plays music is such a great way to not only entertain baby but give your arms a break from holding them! When they get a little older, like 5 or 6 months you can put them in a seat that sits more upright – but still contains them! A final spot that most younger babies love is a swing. These tend to cost a little more but are worth every penny! My 4-month-old loves being in here and looking around, and it often puts her to sleep to as an added bonus! They also make bouncy seats for babies that are a little older into young toddler! My now 15-month-old started enjoying the one we got her around 7 or 8 months and still loves bouncing it!


These are great for tummy time! Once they get bored, fussy, or overstimulated with tummy time you can flip them around on their back to look up at everything for ones that hang hanging objects.

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Walks in the Stroller

This is an amazing thing to do as it gets you exercise and both of you fresh air. Similar to chairs/swings it also contains baby, gives your arms a break, and often lulls them to sleep. So, if you are feeling at your wits end put baby in the stroller and take a walk in your neighborhood or a nearby park – I promise you both will likely feel better!

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Older Babies/Younger Toddlers

Once baby hits a certain age (depends on each baby) it gets a little harder to entertain them. But, below are some easy ways to keep those growing minds occupied to give you a break!

Sidewalk Chalk

This is a huge hit with my 15-month-old. She can’t draw much but loves to just make lines and keeps her entertained for a while. Just beware that chalk is going to go into your baby/toddlers mouth so watch out!

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It is easy to convert a play yard or playpen into a ballpen! You can get a pack of balls at many stores (or get on Amazon like I did) and simply drop them in! For babies that are sitting up well but not quite able to pull up you can even turn a laundry basket into your ballpen.

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Speaking of playpens, I highly recommend these! It creates a fun and safe space for your baby to play and explore independently! I got the one pictured below on Amazon here. I put a toy box in there with toys, balls, and some books. We also purchased a mat to go under it so that it was easier on her knees crawling around since we have hardwood floors.

entertain baby


If you make your own bubbles, this is a free form of entertainment! Even if you purchase them like we do it is still very cheap. Older babies and toddlers love watching and even attempting to blow bubbles!

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Toys in Different Areas

We have toys for different areas and rooms of the house as well as for the car. This helps our 15-month-old not get bored of her various toys. You can also just keep some put away and regularly switch them out in your child’s room.

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In & Out

This is probably the easiest thing to do on this list! Our 15-month-old is easily entertained by putting things in and out of buckets, cups, etc. She literally could do this all day it feels like!

entertain baby

Interactive Books

Last, but certainly not least, is books and reading. Any type of reading and books is great for kids! In fact, beginning reading at a young age has proven to help develop their communication and language skills. Interactive books are especially entertaining to babies and toddlers. Ones that have things to touch or make noises provide lots of fun!

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