By Cami Fife of Winston-Salem Singers Company

We sing, we move, and most of all—we have fun!

We are excited to announce that Singers Company has come to Winston-Salem! Singers Company is a national franchise that provides a non-competitive opportunity for elementary-aged girls to perform, make friends and share joy through music and dance.

Singers Company is about more than just hitting notes and following steps; it empowers young girls to perform, gain confidence and make friends. It is inspiring to see a young girl, once afraid to leave her mother’s side, get up in front a large audience and sing a solo with confidence. Whether she has previous singing experience, or can’t even carry a tune, we believe that every girl is a star!

Singers Company runs with the traditional school year from Sept-June and we practice once a week. Girls involved in Singers Company will learn a Christmas program and a Spring program that they will perform 2-3 times at different venues in the community. Through practices and performances, young girls develop talents and skills that can last a lifetime.

To listen to other participants describe their positive experiences with Singers Company, please watch this short video.

I am so excited to bring Singers Company to Winston-Salem! I absolutely love working with these girls! The best part of Singers Company is watching the girls have fun and gain confidence. Growing up, I participated in singing and performing groups similar to Singers Company and I have such fun memories of practicing and performing with my friends. I also took piano lessons for 12 years and participated in several musical theater productions. As an adult, I’ve spent three or four years directing girls singing groups prior to Singers Company, and have loved seeing girls grow through music and performance.

To enroll your daughter or to learn more, visit Winston-Salem Singers Company or call me (Cami) at 336-618-SING.

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