By Guest Blogger Melissa Kinsley, Director of Marketing Communications & Admissions

June is a time for graduations and recognition ceremonies. It’s a time for parents and schools to celebrate student accomplishment and acumen. St. Leo Catholic School recognizes student achievements in three key areas—Academics, Service and Faith—as the curriculum and the school mission is centered on developing the whole child intellectually and spiritually.

Academics at St. Leo Catholic School are rigorous and it shows by the recognitions students received. Almost half of the 6th grade class, including a State Champion, was awarded the American Scholastic Achievement League Award which recognizes sixth graders for Outstanding Academic Problem Solving. Additionally, 41% of students in grades 4 through 6 qualified for the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) which is an organization dedicated to serving academically talented and gifted students. To be eligible, students needed to score at the 95th percentile or higher on a standardized achievement, aptitude or mental ability test. 33% of St. Leo Catholic School’s seventh graders qualified for the Duke TIP Talent Search and were invited to take the ACT or SAT. Each year Duke TIP hosts a state recognition ceremony to honor students currently in the 7th Grade Talent Search who meet the State level qualifying score criteria based on their results on the SAT or ACT tests. Approximately 38% of all talent search participants will be invited to attend a State Recognition Ceremony honoring this achievement. St. Leo had two students who met the stringent requirements and were honored at the state level.

At St. Leo Catholic School’s eighth grade graduation, six students were recognized for attaining the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. This award is given to students with final grades at 90% or higher in all subjects. Two students were given the Presidents’ Award for Educational Excellence which recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects but do not meet the criteria for the Educational Excellence Award. Its purpose is to encourage and reward students who give their best effort, often in the face of special obstacles.

Service and Faith are central to the curriculum at St. Leo Catholic School. Students were recognized for the time and talent they dedicated towards serving the school community through activities including altar serving, choir, cantors, library aides and student council. Additionally, at the graduation ceremony, two eighth graders were recognized for outstanding sportsmanship and one student was selected for the Outstanding Service Award.

St. Leo Catholic School’s two most celebrated awards illustrate the school’s dedication to the whole child. Annually, the recognition ceremony culminates with the announcement of the boy and girl selected for outstanding effort and outstanding Christian attitude. The Outstanding Effort Award is given to the boy and the girl in each class in grades 4-7 that the teachers feel exemplify an understanding that being a student and learning well is their responsibility. Students selected show effort in getting their assignments done well and on time, ask questions when they are having trouble or for clarification and demonstrate a love and appreciation for learning. The Outstanding Christian Attitude Award is given to the boy and girl in each class in grades 3-7 that the teachers feel has exemplified understanding of what it means to act like Jesus. The students chosen for this award participate in activities that the class did in accordance with the teachings in their religion classes and various outreach endeavors, show an appreciation of their classmates and teachers and demonstrate a willingness to help others. No student may win either of these two awards two consecutive years as many students at St. Leo are deserving of the recognition.

St. Leo Catholic School students have a lot to celebrate in the areas of academics, faith and service. They are well prepared for the opportunities ahead—from the next grade level in elementary school to high school. Most importantly, they are prepared to be responsible citizens and to play vital roles in their community and the nation as they understand the critical role that faith and service play in a life well lived.

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