By Katie Moosbrugger

tn_tuesdayafternoon077Unplug at YMCA Camp Hanes

At YMCA Camp Hanes, you get to “unplug” and enjoy all kinds of exciting things that you can’t do at home. And in the process, you’ll learn new skills and make new friends (and memories) that you’ll cherish forever. You can be yourself, while having a great time and building your self-confidence at your own pace. So why do so many kids return to Camp Hanes each summer? Ask the campers, and they’ll tell you it’s because of the terrific experiences they have at camp. Ask the campers’ parents, and they’ll say that their child seems more confident. Or more motivated. Or more outgoing. The laughter and adventure and fellowship that thrive at YMCA Camp Hanes may last a short time each summer, but the memories – and the lessons – will last a lifetime. Check out the Resident Camp, Day Camps and Adventure / Teen Programs at

swimming_in_pool_2Art & Creative Writing at Reynolda House

Visit Reynolda for a summer adventure! Reynolda House Museum of American Art offers half-day camps in art and creative writing during July. Art Adventures and Writing Adventures camps provide an opportunity for young artists and writers to explore the Museum’s renowned collection of American art, historic house, and grand estate – plus swimming in the newly restored, historic indoor pool! Inspired by the art collection, participants in Art Adventures will produce five original works of art; Writing Adventures participants will craft several written compositions of different genres. Art Adventures and Writing Adventures are open to children who have completed grades K-5. A Creative Writing Workshop is available for children in grades 6-9. Let your children be part of a tradition of learning at Reynolda 20+ years strong!