By Guest Blogger Michelle Spell

Have you ever been to a theme park and waited in line to take a character picture all to have one of your kids adamantly stay out of the picture? We had that in Epcot years ago but couldn’t understand why until we pressed the issue with our oldest son, Isaiah. His reasoning, in his mind, was absolutely logical but 100% adorable and quite funny to us!

When Isaiah was young, around the age when kids start losing their baby teeth, he approached me with sad eyes and a trembly voice and asked me if I would ever consider getting a pool. I just thought he was asking out of sheer desire but his sadness made me dig a little deeper. He wouldn’t reveal why he was so sad but he was insistent that we needed a pool.

A few weeks had passed and as we were getting ready for bed, I could hear Isaiah brushing his teeth. I popped in to see him and that’s when he burst into tears and asked me, ‘If I turn into a shark, promise me you will get a pool and keep me!’

Turns out, his baby teeth had not fallen out like all his friends but rather his adult teeth grew in directly behind them and he thought perhaps he was turning into a shark. Even after we explained to him that he would not turn into a shark, he apparently decided sharks would not be among his favorite creatures!

Fast forward to a few years later, without thinking, I signed him up for the local swim team, The Sharks. All throughout the spring, he would see the advertisements on the lake ‘Come swim with the Sharks!’

Apparently, he thought we had signed him up to literally swim with sharks. All summer, he thought there were sharks in the lake swimming below him. That must have been terrifying!

So, now that we know where his dislike for sharks has come from, we can laugh about it but when we visited Epcot and Isaiah wouldn’t take the picture with Bruce, we were not so happy!!

We do laugh heartily about it now!

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