By Guest Blogger Will Haver, Founder of Taco Mama

For almost 8 years now, Taco Mama has been a labor of love. Travelling out West and to the Gulf Coast, I had seen cool, hole-in-the-wall taco and burrito shops in California, Texas, and Florida and that’s what we were shooting for…. a laid back, funky, fun taqueria with great tasting, fresh food, and a simple approach. Who doesn’t like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos?

At Taco Mama there is something for everyone; we want to appeal to all kinds of folks. I have a young family so of course we want it to be family friendly. But we also have an atmosphere that speaks to people who are on the go, as well as people who just want to chill and enjoy some delicious food and margaritas with friends.

Our drive is to create delicious food that is made from whole, real ingredients. You can taste the difference. Our steak is tenderloin, our barbacoa is braised brisket, slow-roasted for over 6 hours, and our extremely flavorful chicken takes three hours to prepare. You get the idea. We work hard every day to prepare premium, fresh food. You can even taste the freshness in our margaritas, made with fresh watermelon, cucumbers, blood oranges, and real juices – hand shaken!

We are also known as a restaurant where you can eat very clean and healthy. Workout warriors love our burrito bowls because they can make it how they want it. Lots of protein? No problem! Keep it light? Gotcha covered. I have to watch it myself at times – I love to build my own bowl, load it up and top it off with extra house-made guacamole and fresh jalapeños. We only use quality hand selected ingredients.

But eating at Taco Mama engages more than just your sense of taste. We feel you not only eat with your mouth, but also with your fingers, eyes and ears. It all plays with us. Our atmosphere is unique, fun and has been described as shabby chic – colors and accents that impart a bright and happy spirit. It’s all about the feel. The paper we print our unique menu on was chosen because it felt “right!” We hand pick all of our music and update the playlist frequently to get you in the groove and set the tone for your Taco Mama experience.

We take a fast-casual approach with a genuine service twist. We are here for you and the fast-casual approach allows us to serve high-end, premium food at an affordable price point.

Yes, we have won awards and received accolades for our tasty food and hand shaken margaritas and we have been extremely fortunate that people have given us the opportunity to follow our passion for delicious food and margaritas.

We have enjoyed meeting many of the guests the past few months, and if you have not been in yet, please come say “hello.” We would love to show you what Taco Mama is all about! For us it’s all about food and people. When we started Taco Mama back in 2011, the restaurant took off from the first night with a line out the door and we are so fortunate that we continue adding Taco Mama fans every day. It means the world to us that people support us like they do and to allow us the opportunity to follow our passion and spread the Taco Mama love. Great food, great margaritas, like-minded people, funky atmosphere, and supporting our friends and communities is what Taco Mama is all about. We are all about turning guests into friends and making them happy. Our pursuit of that passion continues…the best quality food, drink, and atmosphere, and a great team of talented people we are honored to work with daily!

Go Mama!

Taco Mama
2168 Lawndale Dr
Greensboro, NC
(336) 790-1987

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