By Guest Blogger Marissa Joyce, Gwyn Services


Gwyn Services is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, and we have so very much to be thankful for! This Thanksgiving week, we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to our #PiedmontTriad Community. Plus, share some of our staff’s favorite ways to celebrate gratitude with our family…


THE THANKFUL JAR – one of our Gwyn Families started a “Thankful Jar” with their family in 2012. Each year during the month of November, they set out a mason jar, a few strips of decorative paper, and a pen on the kitchen table. At dinner, family members write the things they are grateful for on a piece of paper. Then, toss it in the jar. 10 years later, they have upgraded to an extra-large jar, and also have a time capsule of gratitude!


Thankfulness jar


SETTING THE TABLE – Another Gwyn employee serves thankfulness as a side item with Thanksgiving dinner! This family purchased a light-colored table runner for the dining room table, as well as a gold paint pen. Each year at Thanksgiving dinner, family members write one thing they are thankful for directly onto the table runner! It has become a cherished family heirloom, and adds to the beauty and bounty of the table on Thanksgiving day.


Thankfulness table


TURKEY TALK – Tom the Turkey is famous in one of our employee’s homes! This homemade styrofoam and yarn turkey has feathers made out of scrapbook paper. These feathers can be switched out or increased as new things to be thankful for are added to the turkey.  What a fun way to watch your gratitude take flight!


Thankfulness turkey


PIE NIGHT – One of the sweetest family traditions we have heard of at our company is “Pie Night!” Each year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the cousins of the extended family gather together for Brinner (breakfast for dinner) and a pie-making extravaganza. They make pies for the family holiday, plus a half-dozen more they bring to Samaritan’s Inn the next day for our community’s soup kitchen Thanksgiving dinner.


Thankfulness pie


Aren’t these great ways to celebrate and highlight all our blessings? We love the ingenuity and creativity that family traditions bring to our world. We also wanted to share a few of our Gwyn celebrations and traditions from 2022 with you!


This year we:
~ Awarded the Inaugural Daniel E Boles Memorial Tool Scholarship for a graduate of the Forsyth Tech HVAC Certification Program. This $500 scholarship awarded a distinguished graduate with a tool kit filled with what he needs to start his new career path!


~ Dedicated our 12th house with Whole Man Ministries Housing 4 Our Heroes Project. Gwyn provides the HVAC equipment and installation in a home renovation that provides a home for a previously unhoused veteran.


~ Fed almost 1,000 people with our Cooking for a Cause program. Though this monthly initiative, we have served lunch to SECU House, Ronald McDonald House, the Winston-Salem Street School, City with Dwellings, and more!


~ Spent the summer dedicated to our Feeding Our Heroes Program. We were so happy to be able to treat some of our community heroes to a meal courtesy of Gwyn Services! This year we fed the Nurses at Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, the staff and teachers at Jefferson Elementary School, the police department at WSPD District 3 Station, and the fire crew at WSFD Fire Station 2!


~ We also celebrated 50 years of serving the Piedmont Triad’s electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling needs. We are grateful EVERY DAY for the amazing customers we interact with!


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