By Katie Moosbrugger

Last month we ran this fun survey to measure your scruples – as moms, as wives, as friends, and as the good citizens we all know we are. The survey was completely anonymous, and so we asked respondents to be as honest as possible since there was no chance for judgment.

Well, the results are in, and honestly, I’m a bit relieved to know I am not the only one with certain actions or thoughts! Maybe you’ll feel the same, or maybe you’ll be surprised by the results. Either way, take a moment to see how more than 100 TMoM readers responded, and let us know what you think (you can still comment anonymously!).

Thanks for being honest with us…

1. Have you ever accidentally dinged a car in a parking lot, and drove away without leaving a note?
~ Yes 40%
~ No  60%

2. Have you ever inflated an insurance claim?
~ Yes 7%
~ No 93%

3. Have you ever sent your kids to school or daycare knowing they are sick/contagious?
~ Yes 42%
~ No 58%

4. When you receive an Evite or Facebook invitation, do you wait to see who says they’re coming before you respond?
~ All the time 13%
~Sometimes 56%
~ Never thought to do that before! 31%

5. Do you re-gift?
~ Guilty as charged 19%
~ Not often, but I have done this before 60%
~ Never 21%

6. If a sales clerk accidentally charges you less than your purchase, do you tell them?
~ Absolutely 33%
~ Depends on the amount of the error 40%
~ No way 26%

7. Have you ever accepted a new job or position – knowing you were in the early stages of a pregnancy – without disclosing this to your future employer?
~ Yes 13%
~ No 87%

8. Did you ever fulfill a maternity leave from work knowing full well that you had no plans to return to work after your baby was born?
~ Yes 19%
~ No 81%

9. Do you wish you could return to life as it was before kids?
~ Oh heavens yes 4%
~ Sometimes 56%
~ Absolutely no 40%

10. Do you wish you could return to life as it was before marriage?
~ I dream about it all the time 7%
~ Sometimes 41%
~ I would never wish this 52%

11. Have you ever had a crush on someone other than your spouse/significant other?
~ Yes 51%
~ Well, if celebrities count, then yea! 19%
~ No 30%

12. Do you favor one child over the other?
~ Yes 7%
~ I have been guilty of this from time to time 47%
~ Never 46%

13. Do you watch a daytime soap opera when the kids are at school?
~ All day, every day  3%
~ Occasionally 13%
~ No 84%

14. Do you take naps when your kids are at school?
~ Every day 7%
~ Occasionally 41%
~ No 51%

15. Do you hide your shopping trips and purchases from your significant other?
~ All the time 6%
~ Every once in a while 58%
~ No 36%

16. Are you currently jealous of a friend?
~ Yes 38%
~ No 62%

17. Have you ever “borrowed” money from your child without any inclination to pay it back?
~ Yes 28%
~ No 72%

18. Do you pretend you are wealthier than you really are?
~ Yes, I probably live beyond my means 9%
~ Only when I feel the pressure to do so 20%
~ No 71%

19. Do you pretend you are busier than you really are?
~ I do this all the time 7%
~ Only when I want to avoid a situation 46%
~ No 47%

20. Have you ever done your child’s homework or school project, and let them turn it in as their own? (especially if your child was old enough to complete the work himself)
~ Guilty as charged 20%
~ Never did this 80%

21. Have you ever lied for your child or significant other to avoid them getting in trouble?
~ Yes 29%
~ No 71%

22. Have you ever edited or “enhanced” a picture of yourself before uploading to Facebook?
~ All the time, doesn’t everyone? 12%
~ I’ve done this a few times 17%
~ I didn’t realize this was an option! 70%

23. If you or your child found a large sum of money, would you return it to the authorities?
~ Absolutely 46%
~ Yes, but probably after much deliberation 42%
~ No way, finders keepers! 12%

24. Do you sneak fruits and vegetables into your child’s meals without telling them?
~ All the time 13%
~ Every once in a while 60%
~ Never thought to do this 26%