By Debbie D

My son started Kindergarten this year, and it quickly became apparent that he has lots of energy and sometimes has trouble not talking in class. (I can totally relate to him on this because if you look back at all my report cards they all said the same thing: “She is a wonderful student and we love having her in our class. However, she does have a hard time staying in her seat and she often talks when she is not supposed to, blah, blah, blah.”  Guess when I was diagnosed at 24 with ADD no one should have been surprised!)

Anyway, my husband and I wanted to help him, and after talking with the school counselor we came up with using a “code” word that his teachers could say to him to remind him that he shouldn’t be talking at that moment.  He loved this idea.  I think he thought that is was something special like a secret between him and the teachers.

So, the day that this “code” word was going to go into effect, he went to school and the teachers asked him what word he wanted to use.  They said he thought for a minute and (Okay, before you read further I have to tell you we are AVID South Carolina Gamecock fans. He loves going to their games, saying their chants and singing their fight songs) he says, “I want the word to be Cock!”  The teachers knowing that we are big Gamecock fans said, “You mean Gamecocks?” He said, “No, Cock”.  They then asked, “Do you mean Cocks?” and he said, “No, just cock”.  The teachers unsure of how to proceed looked at each other and decided to let it go for the moment.
That day they had a party in his class. When I got there, he came up to me and was so excited to tell me he had had a great day so far and he had his “code” word.  I said, “That is awesome, what is it?” (I noticed the teachers were watching our conversation) He proudly said (very loudly I might add), “Cock!”  I looked at him and then at the teachers and they just looked at me and smiled. I wasn’t sure what to do or say because there were other parents standing there. It was very embarrassing to say the least.  However, I did try the same things the teachers had tried to no avail. So I let it drop for the moment and then I eventually talked with him at the end of the party and we changed the code word to “Football.” The teachers were delighted.  I was delighted.  Crisis averted!All I could think about when we left was the fact that there are often prospective parents touring my son’s Kindergarten class.  Can you imagine if you were a parent observing this class and all of a sudden the Kindergarten teacher says out loud, “Cock”?  I don’t know about you but I don’t think I would be too interested in sending my child there.
Oh my – the next 12 and ½ years with my son are going to be very long!!!