by Kristen Bagwell of Triangle Moms on Main

Here’s a story that is very funny when it happens to someone else…

After a day of coughing, we decided to take our daughter to the doctor to be sure it was nothing serious. We arrived and went back to the exam room, and her nervousness turned to the opposite; all of a sudden my 18-month old was in full “playtime” mode. She started bouncing around the 8×8 room that was at least 85 degrees, and crammed with a cabinet, sink, bookcase/bench, and large exam table (painted like an elephant and fooling no one). Meanwhile I’m trying to send a text and drink my coffee – no dice. I set down the coffee to read Goodnight Moon and 2 seconds later, knocked the cup to the floor. Travel mug or not, coffee went everywhere…

It’s not like I could leave the coffee on the floor (although I did consider it), so I grabbed 5487 paper towels from the sink and went to work. The towels were basically thin paper bags, and I was crammed into the very corner of the office trying to mop up this mess from under the bookcase/bench thing, head down, rear-end up. It was at this precise moment, of course, that the doctor arrives. I glanced up and had a fleeting thought about the “talking bum” scene in Ace Ventura…until I realized that my busy daughter was inspecting the electrical socket under the elephant’s trunk. Perfect. Uh…fine thanks doctor, how are you?

We went through all the niceties until my daughter decided to panic after all. She howled through the exam, including an ear cleaning during which the doctor pulled out enough wax to make 3 candles and a pair of those cheesy vampire teeth. (Bad mom trophy, coming right up.) After all that, she had an ear infection, I had a miserable, snotty, sweaty baby, plus a complex about the doctor’s opinion of me since this is our 6th ear infection and 4th ear cleaning. I thanked him (HA!) and we left, interrupting a child reading an eye chart on the way out (earning me a disapproving look from Nurse Julia).

Outside and to the car…finally. I get our girl happily settled in her car seat with some french toast sticks and realize I’ve left the coffee mug in the exam room. Really?

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