By Guest Blogger Jennifer Welder, author of the blog Kayla On Display 

Here are some tidbits from my daughter Kayla. She is 2 1/2 and downright hilarious (to me). Enjoy!

She was standing in the doorway one morning and our dog Sadie brushed up against her as she went past, knocking Kayla to her bottom.  Kayla, in her best tattletale voice, said, “Sadie pushed me!” Then she said, “That was a BAD CHOICE, Sadie!  That was a bad choice!”

Me to Kayla:  “We’re about to clean up.”
Kayla:   “For who?”
Me:  “For us!  I’m tired of living in this mess!”
Kayla:  “Well where do you want to live then?”

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Me: Miss Katie is coming over today.
K: I wike Miss Katie! Miss Katie at school?
Me: Oh not that Miss Katie. But you like Miss Katie from school? That’s nice!
K: Yeah, I WIKE Miss Katie! She have a MOUSTACHE!

Me: “I love you.”
Kayla: “I love you too.”
Me: “I love being your mama.”
Kayla: “and I love being your SON!”

Kayla:  “What’s Emily’s dad’s name?
Me:  “Chad.”
K:  “No, her dad’s name is Dominick!”
Me:  “No, her boyfriend’s name is Dominick.”
K:  “And my boyfriend’s name is DADDY!”

Kayla: “Can I have a wowwypop since I be good at school?”
Me:  “We’ll see. But you should be good either way. Not just so I’ll give you something.”
Kayla: “Okaaay. (ten seconds later)…Now can I have somethin?”

K got to the middle of her first blowpop and asked “Why it have skin inside?” (about the pink gum inside)

K saw our dog Sadie licking a pan on the floor.  “What’s she doing?” she asked, because this never happens.  “She’s licking the pan,” I said.  “Oh.  And can I wick the pan too?”

One morning I sang part of this song that goes “jump down, turn around, pick a bail of cotton” and Kayla heard me and said, “coddon?”  I said, “Yes, cotton is a plant.  They use cotton to make our clothes.  Even our CLOTHES come from plants!  Isn’t that interesting?!”  After a long pause, she said, “…Nooooooo?”

I told Kayla that the reason there was a dead worm in the parking lot was because the rain had filled up his little wormhole.  After it stopped raining, she didn’t see the worm in the parking lot anymore.  She said, “Maybe the rain gave him his hole back.”

These were great…thanks for sharing these one-liners, Jennifer! Kayla is adorable!

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*Photo by Katie Smith Photography