Welcome to another edition of The Sunday Funnies. We’re always looking for funny stories to run – whether it’s stuff your kid says, something that happened to you personally, a funny email you received, hilarious Facebook posts you’ve spotted, or an article or post you saw somewhere online – tell us about it! You can always remain anonymous, or you can be featured as that day’s guest blogger. Either way we love hearing from other Triad moms and their kids, so email me directly at katie@triadmomsonmain.com and share your funnies!

Today’s funny comes from our Greensboro/High Point sales rep, Ashleigh Welder. She’s shared with us funny one-liners from her four-year-old son, Bryce…

During a sneezing fit one day he finally caught his breath and looked at me and said, “Sorry, Mama.  I can’t stop bless you’n!”

After church one day, we went out to lunch with our family, plus my parents, my brother and his fiance, plus her parents.  Bryce was making his “rounds” talking to everyone and he looked up out of the blue and said “Hey!!  We’re one big family!” and without missing a beat whipped his head around to look at the two people at the table he didn’t know (the fiance’s parents) and said “But who are those people??!!”

Bryce was born at 28 weeks and spent two months in the hospital in the NICU.  He became fascinated with his birth story and subsequent hospital stay.  I spent hours by his bedside creating an “Early Arrival Journal”/babybook geared specifically towards preemies.  He wanted to read it every day, multiple times a day and wanted us to tell him every single detail we could remember about that time.  I can’t count how many times he asked me “Mama, tell me somethin’ else about when I was in the hospital” and I would answer and he would say “…and what else??”  Anyway, it had never occurred to him that Eric and I had to live somewhere while he was living in the hospital, so he asked me where we had lived. I was excited to tell him and explain to him about the Ronald McDonald House and quickly went to find the pictures we had taken from there.  Before I could even flip through the pages of the book to show him, he got SO excited and yelled, “Wait, Mama, you and Daddy lived with OLD McDonald!!!???”

So cute, Ashleigh! Thanks for sharing these!