By Joanne Clifford

Welcome back to another edition of The Sunday Funnies! Today’s funnies come from loyal reader and blogger Joanne Clifford. As a mother of four it’s easy to imagine she has many funny stories and one-liners to share. These are all so cute. Thanks, Joanne, for sharing with us today! If you have something funny you’d like to submit, read below to find out how! ~ Katie

These came from my 3.5 year old son, Sam:
Me: “Sam, are you excited that Santa is coming in a few days?”
Sam: “Yeah!”
Me: “Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then the day after that is Christmas!”
Sam: “Yeah Mommy, you’re right. I think Santa is coming Nexterday.”

Me: “Have you guys been learning the day of the week in school?”
Sam: “Yeah, we have!”
Me: “Great. Today is Monday. What’s after Monday?”


Me: “Okay … well there’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday … do you know what comes next?”
Sam: “Oh, I know! It’s Fries-day!”

One from my 3.5 year old daughter, Adah:
When we started teaching our children their letters, we got into a habit of saying a name of something after the letter we were identifying. You know, B for ball, C for cat, that sort of thing. We always told them their name whenever we came across their letter (J for Jennifer, for example). We have some of those foam bath letters that everyone has in the tub for their kids. My husband (who bathes the kids) usually sits and talks with them while they’re playing in the tub. Here’s how one of their recent conversations went.

Hubby: “Adah, what’s this letter?” (holding up a B)
Adah: “That’s B!”
Hubby: “Right, B for bath. Now, what’s this one?” (holding up the A)
Adah: “That’s A-fer!”
Hubby: “What? This is an A.”
Adah: “No, it’s an A-fer.  It’s A-fer Adah!”

Another from Sam:
One of the kiddos’ favorite treats are Jell-O Jigglers. They love to play with them even more than eating them. We make them every once and a while and one day I had made a batch before dinner. I had let the kids know that if they ate a good dinner, they would get a Jiggler (a little old fashioned bribery never hurt anyone, right?). Consequently, the following conversation took place mid-way through dinner.

Sam: “Hey guys, you’d better eat your dinner!”

Adah: “I’m eating my dinner!”

Sam: “Me too! Cause you know what we get if we eat our dinner?? GIGOLOS!!”

And finally, one from Luke, who just turned 2:
For the last few days Luke had been walking around saying something that I could not understand. It sounded the same every time he said it, which is how I knew he was repeating the same word/phrase over and over. I can usually figure out what he’s saying pretty quickly, so it was really bothering me that I just couldn’t understand this one. It really sounded like he was saying, “Ham-boo-ger, Mommy?”, over and over again.

After a couple of days of this Luke and I were driving in the car to pick up his siblings from preschool. And he started it again …

Luke: “Ham-boo-ger, Mommy … ham-boo-ger?”

Me: “What buddy? Hamburger? You don’t really even like ground beef. Do you want a hamburger?”

Luke: “Ham-boo-ger, Mommy!”

Me: “I really just don’t know what you’re saying buddy.”

I proceed to look in my rear view mirror at this point and see Luke shoving his finger up his nose. He then pulls it out, examines his finger, and then holds it up in the air to show me.

Luke: “Mommy, ham-boo-ger!”

Ohhhhhhh, “Have booger.” Lovely.

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