By Erin Bennett, author of the blog Desperately Seeking Erin

Deer. Foxes. Geese. Groundhogs.

No, not the zoo, people. My office.

So we look outside and see this groundhog (not that I would know for sure that was a groundhog, as I am from High Point. In High Point, you may have to worry about pitbulls and chickenheads, but never do you worry about groundhogs.) And it’s not even February! Then he ran off after seeing his shadow, which I’m pretty sure means I don’t get six more weeks of maternity leave.

After picking my son, Brooks, up, it dawns on me that he will probably be even more amazed than I was at the sight of this new wildlife creature. So I whip out my phone and show him this picture (see above).

He regards the picture for a moment, then asks me to put it away.

“It makes me nervous,” he says.

“Why? It’s just a groundhog, they don’t hurt you.” (do they???)

“No, it’s not the groundhog. It’s the car.”

“Um….ok. What about the car?”

“It’s yellow, Mommy. You know what yellow cars are.”

“Actually no, I don’t. So please enlighten me. What are yellow cars?”

He lowers his head and whispers, “Transformers.”