My sweet daughter, Anna, is five years old.  She is hilarious, but has no idea why.  We laugh at the things that come out of her mouth constantly.  I finally thought to start writing some of these things down and wanted to share some of my favorite Anna-isms with you today!

When choosing which Halloween candy to eat first:
“I am saving the last for good.”

While riding in the car:
My son Jake:”Wow, there’s a lot of traffic out here today.”
Anna: “Yeah, and a lot of cars, too.”

While we were watching a TV show:
Anna: “Mom, that girl is sad because her boyfriend broke up with her.”
Mom: “Would you be sad if your boyfriend broke up with you?”
Anna: “No, because I would just go get another one.”

While sitting on my lap one day:
“Mom, did you know that kids are more important than fire?”

Trying to act cool in front of her friend when she saw something surprising:
Anna walks into her room and exclaims,  “M….O…G!”

In the middle of church while listening to the sermon:
“Mom, did you know that girls have more private parts than boys?”

She was helping me clean one day and held the dustpan while I swept into it.  The phone rang, and as I went to get it she yelled, “Hey mom, what do you want me to do with all this crap?”

During dinner one night:
Anna: “Dad, what is a vibrator for?”
After our jaws were picked up off the ground and we questioned Anna a little more we found out that she was asking about a humidifier, or “vaporizer.”

Stay tuned … hopefully I will have more Anna-isms to share with you one day!  In the meantime, send me your funny stories to share!  Send them to

* Photo courtesy of Nicole Nelson Photography