By Rachel Hoeing

Each Sunday we will post a short and sweet story in hopes of simply making you smile.  Some tales will be from the TMoM team, but we also want to run submissions from our readers!  So, if you have a funny story to share, type it up, send it to and then keep an eye out to see if your “Sunday Funny” is chosen!  When you submit your entry, please let us know if you would like your name posted or if you would like to remain anonymous.  Today’s Sunday Funny was submitted by one of my BFF’s, who will remain anonymous!

My 5 year old and 9 year old daughters and I were in a girls’ public bathroom. My girls were using the hand dryer while I was washing my hands. I then overheard the following exchange over the loud noise of the dryer …
Big sis: “Mom- what is this big white box on the wall?”
Little sis: “Uh, duh,” rolling her eyes …”Like you don’t know what that is!”
Big sis:” I don’t ….Do you?”
Little sis: With a bit of sassy-ness ” Of course!  It is a tamponator!”
Big sis:  “A tamponator?  Oh.  Mom, what’s that?”
(Mom has head down, back to the girls, still washing hands and is silently laughing too hard to answer.)
Little sis: “You don’t know that either?!?!”
Big sis: ” No, do you?”
Little sis: Again with the sass and confidence “Of course….the tamponator controls the temperature in the bathroom!  Duh.” And off we went out of the bathroom as I giggled all the way back home.