It’s Flashback Friday! From the archives we bring you one of our favorite blogs that Rachel wrote a few years ago. Enjoy …

Ahhh, Facebook. The addiction that people love to hate and hate to love.  As with most of you I am sure it is tough to imagine what our lives were like before we were able to see cousin Janie’s baby 30 seconds after birth, or know what your friend’s new home in Europe looks like without ever having to leave your desk. Facebook can be an incredible tool for your social life as well as your business venture and I personally have no plans to leave my virtual Facebook world anytime soon. But in the meantime I thought we could all use a good laugh as I recall some of those status posts that leave you chuckling, rolling your eyes, or picking your chin off the floor …

1. The TMI Post

“Oh my gosh, my poor husband ate some bad seafood at dinner last night and has not been able to get off the toilet for seven hours!”

Seriously, way too much information.  We really didn’t need to know about the bad fish in the first place, but the visual image of your husband on the crapper is now embedded in my brain for life.

2. The TLI Post (Too Little Information)

“Yes!  Best news E-V-E-R!!!”

So now what?  Am I going to have to stay on your Facebook page all day until you let us all know what this best news may be???  Or are you giddy sitting by your computer just waiting for the comments to rush in asking, “What? What?  Please tell us your exciting news!”

3. The “Thanking Jesus for Something Ridiculous” Post

“Thank you Jesus!  Johnny and I are headed to a wedding today in NY and I left my shoes back in Greensboro.  Thank the Lord that we passed a Talbots store on the way to the church and I was able to get some adorable heels!  Praise God!”

I love Jesus, and I offer no offense to you and your relationship with him, but I think he has much bigger things to worry about than your shoes for the wedding.

4. The “Checklist” Post

“Kids off to school – check, Ran three miles – check, hit the grocery store – check, crock pot started for dinner – check!  Starting out to be an awesome day!”

Not quite sure why people take the time to do these checklist posts.  Do you want approval that you are on the right track today?  Are these simple items things that normally take a lot of effort and so you want everyone to congratulate you?  Do you realize that we all do these same things every day but just don’t feel the need to post our To Do list on our wall for everyone else to see?  Not quite sure, but I’ll comment with a “Way to go, Amy!”  just to make you feel good if needed.

5. The Drama Queen Post

“My brand new car got a flat tire and I had to wait on the side of the highway for 30 minutes until my husband got there to change the tire!!!  Then I got grease on my jeans and had to meet a friend for lunch!  How embarrassing and what a waste of my morning.  Worst day ever!!!”

Seriously?  If that is your worst day ever, I want to live your life every day.

6. The Political Post

I am not even going to give an example for this one because it will ultimately lean to the right or left and frankly I think they are all annoying, no matter which side they come from. Do you really think that your 144 character count post on FB about health care is going to change someone’s political stance?  I could be wrong, but I think instead you will just end up being blocked or “de-friended” by all friends from the opposite party.  Or ignored by those who agree with you and do not want to say so in fear of being judged.  If that is what your goal may be, then carry on, my friend, carry on!

7. The “I Am Awesome” Post

“Completed my seventh marathon today in record time and came home to a clean house and candlelight dinner from my husband.  Good thing I just bought that new diamond necklace so I could wear it for our awesome date night!”

No explanation needed here, but I will say that I do throw up a little in my mouth when the first person comments saying, “Way to go, Karen!  No wonder you are so skinny!  And lucky you, your husband is amazing!  Wish I had your life!”

8. The Not Scared Post

“Don’t you hate it when all you want to do is smoke a bowl and you can’t find your lighter?”

No lie, ladies and gents, this was an actual post that I read on Facebook.  Not saying who posted it or when, but I will tell you she certainly isn’t scared to admit she’s doing something illegal!!

9. The Vent Post

“Greg Simmons, you are an absolute jerk!  I hate your guts and hope that every woman you ever date again from here on out will cheat on you!”

This post kind of sucks when you get back together with him the next week.

10. The Obvious Post

“Welp, it’s midnight and I am still up.  Getting sleepy.  Off to bed.  Night ya’ll!”

Thank goodness you let me know!  I was sitting here just waiting for your next photo or status to appear but now I know I can comfortably go to bed without missing anything from you!

Now before you either go off crying in a corner, or write me a scathing email because I called you out on your annoying Facebook post, keep in mind that this is all in good fun. I will admit that I am guilty of annoying posts as well! We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. And for all the Facebook haters out there who are thinking, “See, this is why I haven’t joined that stupid thing” … don’t knock it til you try it! For every one annoying Facebook post, there are usually one hundred that make our hearts smile, share wonderful news that we really do want to hear, or give us a good laugh. Personally, I am in awe of the support and love that something as simple as a message from someone miles away can provide. Globally, the world has done amazing things coming to the aid of one another by using social media. So keep on Facebookin’ dear friends, keep on!