By Jessica Clifford

Imagine. Leaves the color of burnt gold and crimson drifting calmly to the ground from wavering trees. The sun peeks through the fluffy clouds to say hello! The windy autumn day begs you to get out, get moving, and gather family and friends for a seasonal outing.

Where will you go?

Fall is not far in the future for us Triad families. We’ve got to make the most of it before winter comes knocking.

This year, the Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum will offer plenty of programs, activities, and a Halloween event to surely get you in the autumn spirit!

Starting mid-September, the Museum will offer hands-on historical and cultural programming about Hispanic heritage! Programming gives any trip to the Museum an extra dose of fun for the family. This is by making crafts, participating in science experiments, and hearing a storybook!

This year, for Hispanic Heritage Month, families will craft Mexican mirrors, make sunset art with toy cars, and learn about Hispanic scientists to identify parts of a plant and test paper planes!

By mid-October, programming will shift to celebrating spooky season, with the Magic of Make Believe! Takeaway crafts and on-site activities will put you in the mood, before the big day of trick-or-treating!

You may not know, but the best part of our educational programming is that it’s free with the cost of admission!

But, before the Halloween season comes to a close, the Museum is hosting a trick-or-treat bash on the morning of Monday, October 30, where your family can go around the exhibits and select a piece of candy or small toy to take home.


There will be haunted treats, ghostly games, and spooky crafts to make! And like any good Halloween party, the Museum encourages littles (and their bigs) to wear the costume of their choice. Show off your superpowers as Wonder Woman, or your awesome swimming skills as a Merman. The options are endless!

Everyone is welcome, with tickets purchased prior to the event! In early October, check MBCM’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for a link to purchase your family’s tickets.

Don’t worry, if you’re looking to save money and experience free fun, catch MBCM at Greensboro Pride’s KidZone! In Greensboro, Pride means the start of fall! Join us on Sunday, October 1, from 11a-6p, where we will share a space with the Greensboro History Museum and Reconsidered Goods.

You can paint kindness rocks, take part in our collaborative art piece, join in a photo shoot at our rainbow photo wall, get a colorful temporary tattoo, and play with hula hoops, chalk, and bubbles!

Walk the rest of the festival on South Elm Street in downtown Greensboro and see local vendors’ wares and food as well as entertainers perform!


With so much to do this autumn, we hope your fall checklist is full, and you’re ready to take on a new season with MBCM!

For more information about the Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum, visit, email, or call 336-574-2898!