By Rachel Hoeing

Do you love free stuff? Do you love a challenge? Do you love having fun with your kids?

Welcome to the 2015 TMoM Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Throughout the summer we will be running a weekly scavenger hunt on our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page. You can participate in as many events as you would like, or maybe just participate in one or two. It will be some great family fun!

Here is how it will work:

– Beginning this week, we will post a clue to a prize each week on our Facebook page. (Times and days of the post will always be random in order to hit moms who may work at different times of day, so keep your eyes out!)

– For example, the clue could say something like,
This shopping center is very friendly and filled with shops of every kind
Go to the restaurant with the horse out front and see what’s near his behind
Here you will find a special gift for a sweet little girl or boy
We hope your children have lots of fun playing with their new toy.

– Using this clue, you would pack up the kids, drive to Friendly Center in Greensboro and search around the horse statue in front of PF Changs until you found the prize (a toy). If you are the first to find the prize, it is yours to keep and take home!

– How do we know if the prize has already been found? The winner needs to comment on our FB post telling us exactly where you found the prize and/or post a photo in the comment section of the FB post with you holding the prize. This way, other readers will not set off on the adventure two hours after something has already been discovered and taken.

– Prizes will be hidden in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, or Kernersville. We will mix up the locations throughout the summer so that readers will have a chance of finding something in their area of the Triad.

– Prizes can be gift cards, or actual items, so you may need to search around quite a bit before you find a hidden envelope.

– If you would like to donate a prize and have your company’s name mentioned on our Facebook page, email

Good luck, keep an eye on our social media pages, and enjoy!