By Dennette Bailey

Christmas is coming! How I would love to hear little child voices saying those words again! I think I would not have complained if I had known the future meant that my children would grow up and lose the sense of excitement for Christmas that made shopping fun.

Shopping for a pre-teen or teenager now pretty much equates to giving cash, gift cards and electronics. I have had to really do my homework to come up with ideas to bring that nostalgic excitement back for shopping for my kids and so I have decided that the “experience gift” is the way to go. After polling a group of preteens and teens I have come up with my top 7 picks. I hope this list can help you!

  1. Ski Trip

There are several ski resorts in North Carolina to choose from. Expect to pay $40 to $70 to ski for the day. The great thing about the ski resort is that other activities such as ice skating and tubing are also available so this trip can be as short or long as you like. This website gives a great list of ski resorts and descriptions in NC.

  1. Trip to New York

There are a plethora of things that teens can do in New York with family and friends but simple sight- seeing and food tasting can make this a memorable yet economical gift. Check out Rachel’s blog here for some great ideas and family itinerary.

  1. Amusement Park Tickets

Sure you might be visiting these places at some point during the year anyway, but the ability for the teen to feel as though they are choosing which place to attend and having the option to choose which extras will be included in the experience make this option a great gift. In addition to local fun like Carowinds, and well-known favorites like Universal Studios, this website provides other ideas especially for teens!

  1. Spa Day

This gift never gets old and is loved by pre-teens and teens alike. This gift may serve as an opportunity to spend time with your teen but remember if it is a gift, the gift giver should allow the teen to pick whether this is an experience to share with friends or family. Visit our Choice Awards page to see favorites in the Triad.

  1. Chore Free Week

Teens that do not have more than a couple of chores in a week will not consider this a gift. However, if your teen has a considerable amount of chores and you are willing to make sure the chores still get done, then this is a gift your teen may appreciate.

  1. Broadway Show or Concert Tickets

A Broadway show doesn’t have to be seen in New York. “Hamilton,” for example, has shows scheduled for both Durham and Raleigh, NC. If your teen has a favorite artist the artists’ concert schedule for up to an entire year is usually posted on their website or on ticket master.

  1. Sporting Event

This could include a trip to see a favorite team but it could also include a rock climbing experience or even a day out for paintball with friends and family. Our Summer Bucket List includes many ideas of these!

For more ideas on gift giving, CLICK HERE!

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