By Guest Blogger Bill Tessien, Owner & Executive Director of A Step Ahead Academic Center

Are you wondering if tutoring is right for your child? Are you clear about what’s offered and specific ways individual tutoring can help? Are you unsure of where to go and what’s involved?

At A Step Ahead Academic Center, we understand. Many parents wonder if they should begin tutoring for their child. To help you decide and tell you a little bit about what we offer, here are the answers to frequently asked tutoring questions:

How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

If your child needs extra help with certain subjects or if homework is a constant battle in your house, he or she could benefit from tutoring. Also, if your child’s teacher has given you any indication that your child struggles in school or if your child’s grades have dropped, tutoring can help your child more effectively learn material, complete homework and be organized.

How else can tutoring benefit my child?
Tutoring helps children in many ways. Here are our top ten:

  1. Builds confidence
  2. Teaches how to study
  3. Provides extra help in challenging subjects
  4. Focuses on individual needs
  5. Re-teaches concepts
  6. Pre-teaches new material
  7. Helps with homework
  8. Assists with organizational skills
  9. Reduces test anxiety
  10. Motivates self-directed work

asa - boy - struggle(637x424)What subjects do you offer?

Our educators work one-on-one with Pre-K through college-level students in all core subject areas. The main areas are math, reading and writing. We can also help with languages and sciences.

Do you offer test preparation?

Yes, we offer end-of-grade test preparation for grades 3 through 8 as well as SAT and ACT test prep. Test preparation is offered to individuals and may be offered in small groups.

How do we get started?

First, we meet with you to gain a complete understanding of your child’s history and current situation. Then, we assess your child’s individual academic needs. In order to develop a custom learning approach, we collaborate with you, your child and your child’s teachers. Our goal is to inspire trust and confidence in your child and to become his or her advocate so learning and growth will follow.

building - A Step Ahead Day 1 (5 of 135) (800x533)What kind of commitment is involved?

Families commit to tutoring one month at a time and can stop tutoring at the end of any month with one-month notice, although most families stay throughout the school year or longer for continual support. Most students come for tutoring twice a week, or more if needed. For students who want to enrich or maintain skills, tutoring can be scheduled for just once a week.

How are tutors assigned?

We aim to have your child work with the tutor that best fits his or her needs, area(s) of academic support, and schedule. It’s amazing to see the bonds that happen between students and tutors. Parents like that it takes the burden off of them and provides another advocate and support for their child.

Why A Step Ahead Academic Center?

If you’re looking for a warm and inviting home environment, our center is the place for you and your child. Many of our tutors have been with us for over five years and are truly experienced and exceptional educators. Being locally-owned and operated, we are part of the community and know the local school systems.

step_ahead_logo_largeHow do I sign up?

Just schedule a free consultation by calling us at (336) 766-7124 or emailing us.

Again, we know that private, individual tutoring can help children. Over the past ten years, we’ve seen first-hand how dedicated time spent with caring tutors helps children in so many ways.

Follow your instinct as a parent. If you feel your child needs extra support, you are his or her best advocate. Early intervention can be the key to helping your child have a successful school year.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how tutoring can benefit your child.

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