By Katie Moosbrugger

I’m so excited to share a new service I discovered here in the Triad, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be delighted to learn about it. A few months ago a friend of mine suggested I hire Erin with Twin City Style to evaluate my wardrobe. I laughed out loud at the suggestion because – truth be told – I would have never called the clothes in my closet a “wardrobe.”

I am the that person who has items hanging in my closet from 20 years ago, as well as an embarrassing large collection of Target t-shirts, workout clothes, and even a couple pair of “mom jeans.” I tend to shop for new items only on special occasions, and therefore, I have a jumbled collection of new and old items – many of which were purchased without any thought as to how to coordinate together to grow an actual “wardrobe.”

Turns out, I am the exact type of person who benefits best from Erin’s services. I thought our session would last maybe 45 minutes tops because of the few “outfits” I thought I owned. Two and half hours later, Erin created 25+ outfits from my existing wardrobe!

I never knew I could pair – and again wear – some of the pieces she suggested. I was shocked. But most amazingly, Erin showed me that I actually DO have a wardrobe! I was so pleased with my session with Twin City Style that I encouraged Erin to share her services on TMoM. I’ve been telling friends that Twin City Style was one of the best investments I made for myself.

Erin, a Triad mother of three and a fashion aficionado (click HERE to see her bio), understands today’s styles but also recognizes that, like me, not every mom has the time to shop – or the budget – to stay on top of the latest trends. Through Twin City Style, Erin helps women evaluate their clothes and come up with new and practical ways to wear old pieces, identify gaps in a wardrobe, and offers shopping services (both in person and online) for her customers.

Erin was honest with me about which pieces I should probably pitch or donate, and also convinced me that several pieces in my wardrobe were still keepers – despite the fact that I wore them nearly 20 years ago. I’m talking about a jean jacket from my college days, some pieces from my former “career days,” and a maternity tank top!
Erin also taught me tricks to maximize my wardrobe beyond what I saw hanging in front of me. For example, dark jeans that you might always wear in a dressier way… roll them up for a more casual and relaxed look and you’ll not only get more wear out of them, but it’s like adding a new pair of jeans to your closet!

Have a skirt you only wear in the summer? Erin showed me how to pair it with boots (with and without tights) and a long-sleeve top to take it through fall and winter!

Layering pieces is also important. Tops that you think of as just summer and spring tops can be worn under a jean jacket or a blazer for colder months. Plus add a coat to a pair of jeans or pants, and you’ll instantly look pulled together without thinking too much about your outfit!

And in case you were wondering, Erin says it’s OK to wear white after Labor Day! For those of you who love your white jeans and capris, roll down the cuffs and wear those jeans all the way through fall and into winter!

Twin City Style also offers shopping services, teen/tween services, Girls’ Night In, Annual Memberships, and gift certificates. More details on these services can be found HERE.

Erin told me one of the most important things about fashion is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, and to stay true to your own personal style. That’s exactly what she helped me with, and I am so much more confident about the clothes I own. I no longer feel like I “have nothing to wear”, and I’ve learned how to better wear the pieces I already have. And thanks to Erin, I now have a strategy on how to continue to add to my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

I invite you browse Twin City Style’s website and Erin’ blog, and also follow Twin City Style on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram to get fashion tips and ideas on a regular basis!. No matter the size of your wardrobe, Twin City Style can grow your style and your confidence!

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