By Guest Blogger Heather Miller

With the school year now in full swing, I thought it would be a good time to start a discussion about rules. Well, not really rules, per say, but things that I feel should be rules. Un-rules, if you will.

It seems to me there should be a “how-to” brochure for parents returning their kids to school. I mean, after all, we all need reminders, right? Ok, here we go.


Listen, I love a good Bento Box just as much as any other Millennial. They are cute and practical and can hold far more food than I ever imagined. Here’s the thing, in no world do I have the time or patience to cut my kids’ food into flower shapes and dress them with carrot stems. Can we all just agree that if we are to use a Bento Box for our school agers, let’s keep it simple? It is not really necessary for everything they eat to be in the shape of an animal. Or, better yet, just throw a cheese sandwich with a side of Doritos in their lunchbox and be done with it.

Car Line

Most of us have done this before. Most of us really don’t enjoy it. Let’s stick to the rules. While you may think that your little prince or princess deserves only to be dropped off directly in front of the door, or that they absolutely need you to exit your vehicle (GASP!) and help them unload their art project from the trunk, they don’t. They will be just fine. Just like the other 75 kids in the car line behind them. Don’t like the rules? That’s cool. Hit the parking lot.


I get it, I really do. I work during school hours and that is my time to go and be an adult with the added bonus of bringing home the bacon. However, I have kids and kids have germs. I would love nothing more than to dose their little butts with some ibuprofen and send them on their merry way, because let’s face it, kids bounce back and would probably be more than fine that day. Thing is, I don’t do that. I call in, or call a friend to help, and my little bundle of joy stays home. Why? For you, other parents. I do it for you. Please do it for me.  Germs suck.


For the love, please, please, check your kids’ heads weekly. It takes 30 seconds. There are a few reasons for this. Not only is it a nightmare for a third grader to get called out and have to be sent home due to having these horrible little creatures living on their head, it will prevent others from getting it. Lice is no joke. I avoid it like the plague and it still hit us one year. I would rather have all three of my kids vomiting on the living room than deal with lice. Check those heads!

I am sure that this list just skims the surface of un-rules. What are some of yours?

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