By Rachel Hoeing

We salute you moms in the minivans
and those in the SUV’s.
We salute those in the pick-up trucks
And those on the ATV’s.

We honor the moms who work in an office
And the ones who stay in their homes.
We honor those who wait tables
And those who answer the phones.

We love the moms who wear diamonds
And the moms who have tattoos.
We love the moms who buy new clothes
And those who prefer them used.

You touch our hearts, you moms who are liberal
And those who lean to the right.
You touch our hearts, you moms who protest in public
And those who choose to pray alone at night.

Of course we love moms who clean
And those who hire a maid.
Of course we love moms who tackle projects alone
And those who have an aid.

The best moms are those who yell “WTH”
and the ones who say “Gosh golly gee.”
The best moms are the ones who take shots of vodka
and the ones who sip on hot tea.

We cherish moms who live in mansions
And moms who may rent a house.
We cherish the moms who are single
And those who have a spouse.

The awesome moms run around crazy,
The cool moms are composed.
The awesome moms are always busy,
The cool moms lounge in their robes.

Good looking moms are chubby,
Good looking moms are thin.
Good looking moms work out,
Good looking moms sleep in.

What makes us all different
Is a breath-taking view.
For if all moms were the same
Then their kids would be, too.

We salute all of you, moms
No matter who or what you may be.
Because in the end we all have one goal
Loving our kids to the best of our ability.

Happy Mothers’ Day from all of us at TMoM!