My daughter got one of those wooden bead craft kits as a gift and went crazy making necklaces and bracelets. She crafted this one pictured and wrapped it for me as a gift. I opened it with excitement and immediately put it around my neck. I did the usual “Oh, it’s so pretty” remarks and gave her many hugs and kisses of thanks.

We all love when our kids take the time to think of us and do something special for us, right?

But then it came time to go out that evening and I promptly changed clothes while also changing my necklace. When we were out that night Anna noticed my necklace and asked where my new one was that she had made me. I could see the disappointment in her eyes and felt disappointed in myself as well. I told her I was sorry that I did not wear it, but that it didn’t match very well with my outfit. Lame excuse and I could tell my sweet daughter was heart broken.

I kind of forgot about the necklace until a few days later when Anna was looking through my jewelry.

“Where is the necklace I made you?” she asked. I realized it had still been sitting on my dresser. She took the necklace and placed it in my jewelry box right next to my other necklaces. I told her I couldn’t wait to wear it next time we went out.

The next evening we were going out for dinner as a family and I purposely wore my “MOM” necklace. I didn’t say a word to Anna about it, but when I came downstairs dressed and ready, she immediately noticed and had a smile from ear to ear.

2012-10-16_16.03.33(1)“Mom, your necklace looks beautiful!” she told me. She held my hand and we walked out the door for dinner. Throughout the whole evening she kept looking at me and I could tell she was so proud of her gift and the fact that I was wearing it.

Why did I care that it wasn’t the prettiest piece of jewelry I owned? Why did I feel the need to take it off when going out in public that first night? Seeing that little bit of confidence in my daughter was worth wearing this piece of jewelry for the night. It was a symbol of love and a symbol of family. I was disappointed in myself for not realizing that the instant she gave it to me.

I am a mom and I am proud, lucky and blessed. I am sure other moms reading this blog feel the same way. So be proud and sport that noodle bracelet or paper mache pumpkin pin your child made you. Yeah, the women with wardrobes right out of the catalogs might snicker, but you and your child will be beaming with pride.