By Bobby Lombardo

We would like to introduce the Mean Bean Espresso Bar to you! This family owned business started by two brothers, Brent and Bobby Lombardo, is located at 1941 New Garden Road Suite 108 in Greensboro, NC. We specialize in espresso based drinks and a “mean cup of coffee.”

When we first started our business, our plan was to attempt to form the best experience in the coffee shop industry that we could. We spent weeks going to different shops and looking to see what they had to offer for their customers in order to best discover what niche would be the best for us to attempt to fill.

During our research, we noticed the same things over and over again. Some coffee shops had limited varieties of coffee blends available, which was something that we didn’t want. We sought instead, to have a wide variety to appeal to any pallet of coffee drinker, from robust heavy roasts, to light aromatic blends. Each of our blends are featured in a rotation of Brews of the Day that add variety and spice to the week, as opposed to having the same coffee every day. We also offer these coffees by the pound in both whole bean and ground so you can have your favorite blend any day you wish.

Most relevantly to Triad Moms, I noticed that there was a lack of places for people with young children to really relax with their cup of coffee. I’d see both moms and dads in coffee shops having to contend with an environment that wasn’t exactly friendly towards their child’s age group.

We sought to have an area just for children in our store, in order to make a peaceful cup of coffee at our establishment just that, peaceful. While you can sit in comfort at our tables or couches, while your kids can indulge in almost any fantasy with our iPads, or if that’s not really their thing, a variety of toys and children’s books for them to look at and play with in their own little corner of the shop.

We noticed some of our competitors had locations that were difficult to find or hard to access. We sought to have something that was convenient to almost anywhere in Greensboro, in addition to someplace with ample parking, and ease of access. Our location was selected for its convenience, both in travel, and in one stop destinations, between the food services of our Neighbors like PieWorks Pizzeria, Imperial Koi, and Gia, to the health and activity offerings of Mike Carr Karate, Nan’s Dance Studio, and Noviant Health. Our business is in a hub of whatever one could want to go with a good cup of coffee.

We’ve also taken a notice of the dietary restrictions of our clientele, and have opted to have the best gluten free options that we can find. Gluten free items are not baked every day, but if that’s something you need from us, feel free to let us know in advance if you are having a gathering where that’s a requirement, and we’ll set it up to have it baked fresh for you when you arrive with your group.

Non-coffee options are also available for those that don’t have the taste for it. We carry a line of fruit based smoothies, fresh squeezed orange juice, in addition for those who just like it cold, and almost any of our items come in an iced coffee variant. We serve velvety soft gelato, in a variety of flavors, in addition to cold Frappuccinos, brand name snacks and beverages, and fresh baked pastries. We seek new innovations and ideas for our company, and are very receptive to any ideas or suggestions that anyone has for us. Some suggestions might take longer than others to implement, however, we are listening! If you come to our shop and have an idea, flag us to give us your feedback.

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1941 New Garden Rd, Suite 108
Greensboro, NC 27410