I’m a total bore when it comes to pop culture TV. I’ve never gotten hooked on a reality show. I have no idea who any of the Real Housewives are, and just recently learned who the Long Island Medium is. I don’t get the allure with The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, or any of the singing competitions – unless it’s the joy of watching trains wrecks. I’m terrible at keeping up with a show that I have to watch a certain night every week (even with the option to DVR). I rarely watch sitcoms, and I can never stay awake long enough to watch all those late night talk shows!

My MO after the kids go to bed is to either work, play Words with Friends, watch the news or read. Yep, I’m a snooze fest. That is, until I discovered a new way to watch TV (thanks to a plethora of technology!).

It all started with my captivation over Breaking Bad. On a whim, we started watching and got hooked immediately. First we blew through two seasons on DVDs, then we rigged an old computer (on our coffee table for two weeks!) to stream episodes via iTunes. Then we finally broke down and ordered Nexflix which then led to our purchase of Apple TV so we could get our Breaking Bad fix at any time – on any TV. Sometimes I’d even stream shows through my iPad in bed. One show a night turned into two shows. Sometimes three.

I was obsessed. I was binge watching and wasting colossal amounts of time. But I was OK with that. My once-loved book was collecting dust next to my bed. I had piles of other books I wanted to read, but they sat untouched as well.

When the series ended, I went through withdrawal. I found myself reading reviews of Breaking Bad and backgrounds on the characters. I talked about the show constantly with others who were equally as obsessed. I discovered I have a friend (single guy with no kids) who watched the entire Breaking Bad series over Christmas break. That’s more than 60 hours, folks!

To move on with my life, I immediately started searching for another show to binge and consume. My next feast became House of Cards and I devoured it just as quickly. But unlike Breaking Bad, my obsession lasted for the two short seasons it aired. Now I wait – probably as long as a year – for a new season to debut.

In the meantime, I’m back to reading books and that’s a good thing. But not for long… I’m already thinking about the next compelling series to dive into.

That’s where I need your help.

What are you watching now? What’s worth my time, and what’s not?  Should it be Downtown Abbey? Homeland? Orange is the New Black? The Walking Dead? Game of Thrones? Scandal? Something else?

And how do you get your fix? Through Netflix, Hulu, On Demand, DVDs, or another way? Chime in and let me know what you’re watching – when, where and how!