By Rachel Hoeing

You’ve had a glorious summer with your children. Sun, fun, vacations, etc. But around early to mid August you started day-dreaming about those three words, “Back to School.” We love our children, but sometimes I think school was invented to give us all the much needed break from each other that we deserve. 🙂

I asked local moms what they love most about Back to School time. I included answers from both working moms and stay-at-home moms below. See if you can relate and share your own comments at the end!

– “Uninterrupted girlfriend time! Oh the joys of being able to begin and end a story without stopping ten times in between.”

– “As much as I love the lazy schedule of summer, I am always ready to get everyone back into the routine that back to school brings!”

– “Nothing. I’m never ready for summer to be over!”

– “I love being back in a routine. I think all of us in our house do better with one. I also adore the talks I have with my two kids on the way to school in the morning. Since I am a teacher, I also love getting back to my own students.”

– “12:30pm – my Young and the Restless date.”

– “Summer days are long, lazy, and rejuvenating in June, but by August, they feel like one long referee match. The fighting between siblings is unbearable. The nagging to turn off the TV, Xbox, iPad and do something  productive is endless. To be honest, for me the free time creates one unfinished project after another. The structure that returns is one of my favorite parts of a new school year. Earlier bedtimes, less screen time, and friendlier siblings makes for a great start. Though my stress levels certainly increase since I too return to work full time, I still feel our day-to-day is more purposeful and that we are all craving the routine. We have no choice but to be efficient!”

– “Knock.  Knock.

Who’s there?

– “Since I work full time and I am a single mom, most of my joys of summer happen on the weekends and on my week vacation. It stinks for me to put on my business suit every morning and kiss the kids good-bye as they put on their bathing suits and head off with their nanny! Even though I love that summer is fun for them, I must admit I am a tad bit jealous. Going back to school is selfishly a little nice. :)”

– “Packing lunches. (NOT!)

– “I love the excitement in shopping for school supplies, school shoes, finding out who your teacher is, who is in your class, making class choices and sport choices and most of all the excitement of the classroom and learning.  Whether my kids know it or not, or would admit to it, they love to learn.  That is priceless.” 

– “I love my time.  I love a schedule.  I love the freedom to meet a friend for lunch or to walk the dog.  I love spending 30 minutes or more on a phone call with a friend or family member, which rarely happens for me in the summer. And I love the time I get to learn, to explore my interests and sometimes, just the sound of silence.”

– “It is so hard to go to work when my husband and kids get snuggle time in the summer as I am leaving for work. I am looking forward to us all being on our way in the mornings. (Remind me of this the first chaotic morning of getting everyone out of the house!) Also, I love seeing the excitement on my kids faces to go see their teachers and friends.

– “Sports! I love to leave work and pick up my children from gymnastics or soccer as they tell me all about their school day and their new accomplishments in their sporting events. And I love watching their games on the weekends!”

TMoM fans, what are YOUR favorite things about Back to School time? Please share your thoughts below!

*Photo credit: Kathy Miller, One Shot Photography