By Guest Bloggers Susan Davis, Director of Communication and Marketing, and Geoff Campbell, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Greensboro Day School

As parents turn their attention to the upcoming school year and choosing the right type of learning environment for their children, we’ve paired recent research from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) with feedback from recent Greensboro Day School graduates. The results highlight the benefits of an independent school education and how Greensboro Day School provides students with a foundation of academic success, social-emotional well-being, and academic preparation for the next phase of their educational journey.

Here are four questions to ask as you look at educational options for your child.

Question #1

Is my child’s current school providing them with a safe learning environment needed to thrive in school? At Greensboro Day School, students are seen, heard, and known. GDS prioritizes the physical, social, and emotional safety of our entire community, while providing academic support (learning resources) and challenge (differentiation, advanced, and AP classes).

Joshua Markwell ‘14 is currently a Master’s candidate in Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh. “Greensboro Day School showed me, a high school transfer student, the extent of my potential, and I quickly found that at GDS, it was not cool to slack off – my teachers and my friends pushed me to do my best, and I benefited from that.”

Question #2

Is my child’s current school fostering growth to ensure they will fulfill their potential and be prepared for college? With differentiated instruction, small class sizes, and individual attention, GDS invests multiple resources in developing students’ character and leadership potential.

Cynthia-Mae Hunt ‘19 is a High Point University sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and Religion. “Greensboro Day School creates the potential for personal growth by providing opportunities for self-management – activities, break periods, all-school events … these activities also foster a place of belonging. GDS wants its graduates to become constructive contributors to the world. The environment can change the student into becoming that mature person, reaching one’s potential. No one leaves the way they arrived; they leave a better person.”


Question #3

Instead of only focusing on test scores, is my child’s current school providing social and emotional development to help my child become a well-rounded and productive member of society? GDS fosters the most caring, trustworthy, and joyful learning community in the Triad and was the first school in the nation to receive the School of Ethical Excellence by the Center for Spiritual and Excellence in Education. GDS has a counselor in each division, along with a full-time Health Services team.

Annalise Graves ‘15 is a business analyst for government and public services at Deloitte Inc. and a graduate of Yale University. “Greensboro Day School prepares good students and good people,” she recalls that as early as Kindergarten, she was given the tools to make good choices around conflict resolution, “they are still strategies that I access in my adult life today.”

Question #4

How can I find a school with an excellent academic program and outstanding reputation to ensure my child gets into a good college and fulfills their potential? GDS is the most dynamic, comprehensive Pre-K – 12 academic school in the Triad, providing academic support, college counseling, and global educational partnerships for student success.

Carmi Medoff ‘10 is a Duke undergrad and recently earned her MBA from Harvard. She is an operations specialist at Air Labs inc. “At Greensboro Day School, I learned to perform in the face of adversity, to ask questions – that has made all of the difference.”

Conclusion: It’s simple. What parents want is for their educational choice to match with their student’s needs. To do that effectively, schools must allow families to see how the school’s specific programming best serves their students’ needs.

We invite you to learn more about Greensboro Day School, safely operating in-person while providing families with the flexibility to learn remotely. Students age 2 through grade 12 are challenged, encouraged, and cared for by a dedicated and highly trained teaching staff. Teachers utilize all corners of the school’s 65-acre campus to provide learning opportunities in the classroom and outdoors. To learn more about how Greensboro Day School focuses on student academic success and overall well-being, schedule a personal tour by clicking here. You may also experience a virtual open house here.


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