Most of us have certain professionals we turn to on a regular basis to help us with stay current with our health and well-being, as well as for other important areas in our life. And lots of times, we find these professionals through either our own diligent research or from referrals from friends, family and neighbors.

We put our faith in these professionals and we continue to see them, or call them, as often as we need to. But sometimes…and this is to be expected…we grow tired of them, or they no longer fit our needs, or we simply want to try someone with new ideas, perspectives or a way of doing business.

Yet, switching to a new pro can get awkward. Have you ever just wanted to “court” a different professional – maybe someone else in their office or place of business or someone new in town who you were curious about? Have you ever wanted to “break up” with your trusted pro – or want to see or call someone else – but then feel like you’re “cheating” on them?

Just like when we find our perfect mate, we sometimes have to “date around” to find the perfect professional. The pros can include (and are not limited to) primary care physicians, OB/GYN doctors, pediatricians, dentists, eye doctors, dermatologists, teachers, tutors, accountants, realtors, lawyers, personal trainers, hairdressers, housekeepers, landscapers, counselors/therapists, nannies, babysitters, dog sitters, etc, etc.

I will admit once I had a hairdresser who I frequented for years but then heard of a new artist I wanted to “try out.” I wasn’t sure if I’d like her, so I simply went for a basic cut, then decided afterwards the new girl wasn’t right. But, when I went back to my trusted hairdresser, she knew (without me telling her) that I strayed. It was so embarrassing. It was like I “cheated” on her, and our relationship was never the same.

I’ve also been in situations with doctors, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, etc, where I wanted to switch to a different professional in the same office but was too worried it would create unnecessary drama.

So, what about you? Let us know “Whatcha Think!”

1. Have you ever found yourself in one of these awkward situations?
2. If so, with which kind of professional?
3, Did you “date” someone else behind his back, or did you “break up” first?
4. Have you ever switched to a different professional in the same office or place of business?
5. If you answered yes to number 4, how did it turn out?
6. Do you have advice for others in this same predicament?

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