By Katie Moosbrugger

It is the season of graduation! No matter the age, graduation is a time to praise and rejoice (especially if it’s the end of tuition payments!). To me, high school and college graduations are the two biggies. I remember receiving really nice, memorable gifts, from my parents for both of these occasions. I have not hit these milestone dates with my kids yet, but when we do, I am hoping we will be able to do something equally as nice for both of them.

But my question today focuses on gift for those other “graduations.” I’m talking about preschool graduation, Kindergarten graduation, 5th grade and 8th grade graduations. Sure they are big deals to us and our kids. But are we making them bigger than they deserve to be? Are we setting our kids up for unnecessary expectations or disappointments later in life? Does every rite of passage have to be celebrated?

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but do you honestly remember (as a child) having a ceremony or receiving gifts for these occasions? While my daughter never had a formal “graduation” from preschool, I loved attending my son’s. It was adorable, and I believe our gift to him was a few extra hours on the playground with his friends after school. My son was delighted, but when I learned about gifts that some of his friends received for their preschool graduation, I felt like a terrible mom!

Kindergarten graduation came and went without much ado for both of my kids. But now I’m nearing 5th grade graduation and I fear our “gift” (whatever that will be – if we even decide to give one) will not be what is expected.

So my questions to you is…what do you think about gifts for preschool, kindergarten, 5th grade and 8th grade graduations?

~ Do you traditionally offer a gift for all of these occasions? Or for just one of these occasions?
~ If yes, do you typically spend a lot, not much at all, or somewhere in between?
~ If yes, do your gifts go up in value for each subsequent graduation?
~ If yes, what amount do you feel is appropriate for a preschool graduation gift? A Kindergarten graduation gift? A 5th grade graduation gift? An 8th grade graduation gift?
~ What are some of your favorite gifts for these occasions mentioned above?
~ If you do not give your child graduation gifts for these lower grades, please explain why.
~ Would you consider “gifting” your child with something that cannot be bought in a store? If so, please share good ideas for this!

Answer one or all of the questions below in the comment section! Don’t forget, you can comment anonymously too!