If you happened to catch the movie “Parental Guidance” I am sure you will remember the part of the movie when Billy Crystal’s character absolutely freaks out because he cannot believe that his grandson is on a baseball team where there is no score, no losers and no winners.This may sound familiar to many of you who have signed your younger children up for a sport that is usually “competitive” but has been adjusted in order to avoid tears, spare hurt feelings, avoid sore losers, build self-esteem, etc.

My question to our readers today is, “How do you feel about this?” I have a feeling that most grandparents would react the same way Billy Crystal’s character did and argue that losing is a part of life and what’s the purpose of a sport with no score. But when you move on to the current generation of moms and dads, I have a feeling that the thoughts on this issue might be split right down the middle.

Do you like the idea of “no score” for young children playing team sports? If you like this idea, tell us why. Do you think there is a certain age where that philosophy should stop? If you are opposed to the idea of taking scores out of competitive sports, please share your feelings on that as well.

Whatcha think: What is best for your child when it comes to kids sports and their rules?