These past few days I’ve spent a lot of time peeling, licking and labeling – while also reflecting on how the gesture of a holiday card has changed so much in the past few years.

Receiving cards from friends and family is one of my favorite things of the season. But with Facebook and other instant ways to share photos, stories and updates, I worry that the nostalgia is wearing off. I recently saw a Facebook post from someone who said she’s not sending cards this year because everyone has seen her photos all year, and she shouldn’t need a to send a hard copy in the mail to remind them of their friendship. Harsh, but I can see her point.

While holiday cards are a lot of work – and sometimes expensive – I’d never consider skipping a year. To me, this is my annual “hard copy” reminder to let friends and family know I think they’re special. For many different reasons, I rarely write a personal note inside. Not sure if that’s considered good, bad, rude, respectful or what…but it leads me to my latestWhatcha Think topic for today..

The Christmas letter. You know, that painfully long letter (sometimes typed, sometimes handwritten, sometimes in the form of a poem, or otherwise designed in the shape of an ornament or something else that makes it nearly impossible to read) that you get mainly from the same friends or relatives – that chronicles their life (sometimes month by month) over the past year.

Ok, that might have sounded harsh too. But you know as well as I do that those letter exist. And so do the Christmas letters that are a joy to read. Maybe you even write one yourself! (Of course not like anything I described above). However, no matter how it’s written, I always feel there is a fine line to follow. Maybe that’s why I’ve never attempted one myself.

So let us know “Whatcha Think” about the Christmas letter…

~ Do you send these kinds of Christmas letters yourself? If so, who usually writes them – you or your spouse/significant other?
~ Do you receive the “painfully long letters” like I describe above?
~ Do you dread them or look forward to them?
~ Do you think the Christmas letters you receive are informative and/or entertaining (even if they’re painful to read)?
~ Do you think they are braggadocious?
~ Do you have any funny tidbits you can share from letters you’ve received? (If so, be sure to comment anonymously!)
~ And finally, do you think Facebook takes away from the Christmas card surprise each year?

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